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These days, it's a regular occurrence to encounter celebrity lookalikes, with people all over the world wriggling out of the woodwork sharing their faces with Leonardo DiCaprio or contouring goddess Kim Kardashian.

And after one Redditor's grandma turned out to be the exact replica of Scarlett Johansson earlier this year, another user has also now jumped on the bandwagon, sharing a picture of a family member that happens to be the splitting image of The Disaste rArtist actor James Franco:

[Credit: Hulu, Reddit]
[Credit: Hulu, Reddit]

Sporting basically the exactly the same haircut and bushy moustache as Hollywood's finest bong-hitter, Redditor emir3008 wrote:

"TIL my uncle is James Franco circa. 1975."

While it's not clear what kind of sorcery resulted in the real James Franco being flung back into the past, it's a funny coincidence that this is exactly what ended up happening to his character in 's adaptation of Stephen King's 11.22.63:

Do you think 2017 James Franco and 1975 James Franco are the same person?

(Source: Reddit)


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