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The delightfully batshit Tommy Wiseau has finally delivered his verdict on James Franco's The Disaster Artist — an homage to the somewhat chaotic process of making The Room — and the best-worst director is living by his own iconic words and leaving his stupid comments in his pocket.

Instead, the comments that Wiseau offers are dazzling in both their eccentricity and delivery, once more proving that Tommy and his character, Johnny, are essentially one and the same.

Below are some of the best pears of wisdom that Wiseau coughed up as he was sitting way too close to James Franco on a couch and they're tearing me apart, Reader.

Throwing Footballs And Loving Lighting: The Wiseau Story

Wiseau demonstrates his football throwing form [Credit: Los Angeles Times]
Wiseau demonstrates his football throwing form [Credit: Los Angeles Times]

Sure, Wiseau has made a huge dent in pop culture, but what are this auteur's true trademarks as a director? Which colors of the cinematic palette truly excite him and get his creativity flowing? Apparently, the golden ingredients are consistent lighting and throwing footballs.

After giving a "99 percent" approval rating (later cheekily boosted to a 99.9 percent by ), Wiseau went on to explain that his bug bears with the movie were "uneven" lighting, and Franco's inability to fling a football.

Fixated On Franco

You would think that watching someone dress up as you and reenact the most cringeworthy venture of your life in all its camp glory would be a bit uncomfortable for most people. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this, but Wiseau is not most people.

Describing the moment he first saw Franco adorning that iconic black wig, Wiseau explained in his true scattergun style:

"It was like, he was walking like, and I was like, oh my God, this guy. You were so tall for some reason!"

As well as being "tall," Franco also did a "very good job":

"You guys did good job, you have very, very good make up artists. They did excellent job. I don't have to complain about anything, actually."

For a reminder of what Franco actually looks like as Wiseau, check out the trailer below:


Imagine, you're making a movie about the making of a movie, but there is also another movie actually documenting the making of the original movie. Welcome to Roomception.

In this illuminating interview, Franco revealed that there are reams and reams of footage showing the shambles of being thrown together in all of its messy glory:

"Tommy had someone actually film behind the scenes of 'The Room,' more footage than you would ever be able to watch in a lifetime I think, but I did watch everything that I could."

If this isn't an extra on the Blu-ray, there is no justice in the world.

When Genius Recognizes Genius

Close you eyes and think deeply about a director who would resonate with Wiseau, a visionary so pioneering and creative that he truly dances to the beat of his drum. Of course, that director is none other than Nicholas Cage.

When James Franco asked Wiseau, "How did you have faith in me to tell your story?" the mysterious (and supposedly 48-year-old) actor revealed he was a big fan of a certain Nicholas Cage directed movie named Sonny:

Tommy Wiseau: "I think you you will do a good job, based on the movies that you always do. I tell you same thing ."

James Franco: "Because of 'Sonny?'"

Wiseau: "Yes"

Franco: "Directed by Nicolas Cage, 'Sonny'"

Wiseau: "Yes, because you have everything there! "

Franco: "What do you mean, everything?"

Wiseau: "Drama, you have comedy, you have sexuality, you have relationship, you have, you know, all kind of different detailed stuff, detail detail detail."

Apparently, one of the things that binds Wiseau and Cage together — apart from being enormous weirdos, of course — is "detail, detail, detail." Wiseau explained:

"'The Room,' people are laughing this, laughing that, but we also have, detail, detail detail. That's why... I knew you were going to do good job."

Wiseau's Stand Out Scene

In probably the most surprising moment of the interview, Wiseau revealed that his stand out scene was the only one in the movie that didn't feature James Franco masquerading as him; the swimming pool scene. Why, you ask?

"I was amazed with the way the camera movement, I really liked it."

According to Franco, the camera does not move.

Check out the full interview for yourself and drink in Wiseau's dulcet tones in the video below:

Who is weirder, Tommy Wiseau or Nicholas Cage? Discuss.

(Source: LA Times)


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