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Get ready for some "wacky races," because it sounds like James Gunn and David Hasselhoff plan to reboot the TV show Knight Rider. Forget the Batmobile or Bond's Aston, talking KITT is the only vehicle we want in our garage.

With its electro theme tune and unique take on your classic crime fighting TV show, ruled the networks from 1982 to 1986. Although there were several spin-offs and even several TV movies, nothing could compare to that original show with the highway breeze running through 's perm.

Start Your Engines

Well, it looks like the sassy little car is coming back to our screens, and it is all thanks to Hoff's zany cameo in 's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Not only did David have a brief stint as Star-Lord's dad Ego, he also provided his silky vocals for the track "Guardians Inferno." Speaking to TMZ, Hasselhoff says that GotG is what piqued Gunn's interest in filling up the Knight Rider tank once more:

"We're talking about doing a full-blown TV series and we're working on the rights right now. And it really came out of my relationship with James and the fact the watched the show when he was 8 years old."

There have of course been many continuations/remakes of the popular '80s series, but Hasselhoff sees them pale in comparison to him burning rubber in the original:

"I embrace Baywatch, I embrace Knight Rider, especially Knight Rider. Now, we're in talks about maybe bringing it back as a series, which is unbelievable. Its cool because all the people that have seen the other reboots of Knight Rider didn't like it and I keep saying it's gotta be true to what it was."

We last saw the concept in 2008, when a new generation of KITT cars took to the road. It followed Michael Knight's estranged son Mike Traceur, but NBC only managed to make it last for one season. Alongside the likes of Baywatch and singing above the Berlin Wall, Knight Rider is one of Hasselhoff's most famous accomplishments, and it is an idea that has clearly stuck with him over the decades:

"I had this idea for a long time and James just jumped on it. All of a sudden out of his mouth was 'You know I'm trying to get the rights to do this,' and I said, 'Can I mention this to other channels?' and he said 'sure.' The reaction was really fantastic so we'll see what happens."

As for who would star in the TV reboot, as long as Val Kilmer doesn't voice KITT again and Zac Efron doesn't play a young Knight Rider, I'm OK with whatever happens. While Hoff may not reprise his role as Michael Knight, he does know the perfect part to get him back behind the steering wheel:

"Let me be the old guy, let me be Devon, I can't run, I can't fight, I can't jump, but I can still drive."

Just like David himself, you can only imagine that KITT has put a few more miles on the dashboard since the show bowed out in 2008. However, seeing what Gunn has done for Guardians of the Galaxy, and with such a cult following behind Knight Rider, fans are surely revving their engines for this one.


Are you glad that 'Knight Rider' is returning?

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