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One of the best things about the Guardians of the Galaxy movies is, without a doubt, Groot. Audiences fell in love with his three-word vocabulary, innocent nature, and most importantly, his envy-inducing dancing skills.

may have voiced the talking tree, but it was the director of the films, James Gunn, who gave Groot his awesome dance moves. While we only got to see them a little in the first Guardians, had them on full display.

The opening scene was all about dancing away while his fellow Guardians received the beating of their lives. Gunn has teased multiple times that there's footage of him dancing away for the visual reference for animators and that he would eventually release it.

Being one to keep his promises, the director took to Instagram to share a video that was used by 's special effects company to create Baby Groot's dancing in the film's opening sequence. It's short, but it's delightful. Check it out:

As to why he did that, Gunn revealed in the caption it was to celebrate Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 breaking $800 million worldwide:

"Because Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 passed $800 million globally, here's a clip of me dancing that the marvelous Frame Store used as reference for the Baby Groot dance. Go see the movie again this weekend."

A few days later, Gunn released another video, which gives us a bit more dancing fun:

In the caption, the director revealed the process behind making Groot's adorable dance routine:

"Believe it or not, I actually did three different versions of this dance at three different times. The first time was when I first wrote the scene, in my office st home, recorded by Simon Likes on his iPhone. That one was mostly so that I could remember the camera angles and camera movements I had in my head while writing than it did the actual dance.

The second time was on set in Atlanta with a single camera and our visual effects team. That time it was doing the dance full out - there were some bits and pieces we used - but because Groot is moving and the camera was stable I was only able to travel for very short periods. And so we did it again, this time in Los Angeles, with many cameras lined down a long space so that I could actually do all the long walks and jumps Groot was doing."

I must say, I don't think I will ever see Groot's dancing style the same way again. Don't get me wrong, definitely knows how to cut a rug. But getting a look at the kind of work that goes behind creating a character like that can change your perspective on a scene.

If James Gunn did this for $800 million, could it be possible for him to release a third video like this if the film crosses the $1 billion mark? That's an attractive prospect, so I'm crossing my fingers for it to happen.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is currently in theaters.

What do you think about James Gunn's Baby Groot video? Would you like to see the one from the first GoTG? Let me know in the comments!


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