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With only 10 months left until Infinity War arrives, the anticipation is steadily building as more questions start to flow in. With such a huge and diverse cast, including: the Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Avengers, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel all confirmed, there is no limit to the questions about what we might see in the film.

However, out of all the possible questions that can come up, one question managed to really catch James Gunn's eye. This question asks an important question about how parts of Avengers: Infinity War will play out. Facebook user Jason Randall commented on one of James Gunn's public post, asking:

I know this is a silly question, and I know sometimes we fans are nit picky, and I love both of these movies, so I won't even question it if it isn't answered or thought about -- Peter Quill has a translator implanted in his neck, so that's how he can communicate with other species. In Infinity War, will anyone on Earth understand Drax, Gamora, Rocket, or even Groot in his natural language when he's saying ('I am Groot')? I know you're not directing, but I was curious if it would even be addressed?

After I read the comment, I realized that the question never really dawned on me before. Jason makes a good argument though. How will the Guardians and the Avengers work together with such language barriers, excluding Star-Lord (who can speak English)? I guess as long as both teams understand that their main goal is to take down Thanos, it can't be that hard, right?

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Guardians Of The Galaxy' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

James Gunn responded, though not with the clearest of answers:

They all have translators imbedded. They all speak different languages. Not all languages (including Groot) are in the translators.

Is he referring to the Guardians or The Avengers when he says "they all have translators"? I assume he is referring to the Guardians, which doesn't actually answer Jason's question. I highly doubt he is referring to The Avengers, as Earthlings are unaware of the multiple alien species and their languages, which makes it impossible for them to make translators. In that case, communication barriers will indeed be a big problem.

Unfortunately, James Gunn's statement is very unclear, so it seems we are just going to have to wait until Infinity War arrives to find out!

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