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With 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn created a group of a-holes we completely fell in love with. Fast-forward three years later, we are all eagerly waiting the sequel - - to wow us once again.

Earlier this month, Gunn revealed that a third chapter in our rag-tag group of heroes' saga was underway. But thanks to that (to the surprise of no one) the internet lost its collective mind, as fans were both excitedly anticipating what could be explored in a third film and unwilling to wait another three years to get it.

That has prompted a lot of messages from fans to the director quizzing him about his involvement in the project. Well, turns out isn't much of a fan of that anticipation. Speaking to Fandango, Gunn was asked about the chatter surrounding another chapter in the Guardians saga. And he has a really interesting point of view on the subject:

"People are obsessed about the third one and they haven’t even seen the second one yet! What if they all hate the second one? Then they’re not going to be so obsessed anymore."

Gunn expressed his disdain for the way fans are always looking to the future, instead of focusing on the entertainment material they have right now:

"It’s all about what’s in the future; it’s never about what we have right now. I think if anything, this 'Guardians' is about what they are in this moment – and I think that’s what it’s been like for me working on the movie. It really isn’t about thinking down the road and how can we make something great someday – it’s how can we make something great right now in this moment that will affect people’s lives for the better. That’s what 'Vol. 2' is."

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

He also pointed out, when was asked if he'd be involved in , that he'd, you know, like to actually take some down time before jumping right into the nonstop whirlwind of directing another Marvel movie:

"Listen, we’re figuring it all out. We’ll know soon. Let me take a couple of breaths before I say what I’m going to do next."

His words confirm something he said recently, about being sure there was a third film happening but not whether or not he's up to the task of signing up for it again. It's always interesting to hear the point of view of the people on the receiving end of our insane fan requests. And there's no denying that...

James Gunn Has A Point

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Let's get one thing straight: It's incredibly fun to speculate over what's next in this incredible era of superhero cinema we live in, and it's therefore hard to picture us nerds stopping on that front. With that said, there's no reason to get salty at James Gunn for his comments, as he's not really attacking that tradition (or fans) in any way.

I see it this way: We wouldn't have had the if it weren't for Iron Man. Now, there's this incredible superhero universe that has surpassed every expectation we once held.

[Credit: Marvel Studios]º
[Credit: Marvel Studios]º

For that, needed to focus on making each individual movie work and make sure the franchise had sure footing every step of the way before moving forward with any plans.

That's essentially what Gunn is saying. He's simply telling us to focus on what's happening at this moment with Vol. 2. To live in the moment. To enjoy ourselves in the present. To wait to see whether it can steal our hearts as its predecessor did and whether or not it will be the eventual foundation for something else in the future.

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That's a completely reasonable request; he's simply asking fans to not make his project a thing of the past before it has even come out and made its impact on audiences. As for what he said about the movie not being good, there's a small chance of that happening. James Gunn loves this world and understands it. We all know that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 seems to be another classic in the making. So for now, let's not move on to the next thing before it's even a thing.

What did you think of James Gunn's comments? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Fandango]


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