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Superheroes are meant to unite people. To strip away all the negative things (you know, aside from world-destructive events they're usually responsible for) and make us come together to enjoy their adventures. Sadly, with the superhero movie industry now more successful than ever, some people take the opportunity to stir trouble.

Fans get embroiled in heated and sometimes vicious debates, as each side argues over whether the or is the better universe. Now, we got another example of that type of confrontation, only this time, some notable names got involved.

Over on Twitter, two fans got into a heated debate regarding the creative freedom that Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios each allow their respective directors. Because the argument focused on and his creative control with Guardians of the Galaxy, the man himself stepped in, and he made something very clear:

There Is No DC/Marvel Rivalry

[Credit: DC Comics/Marvel Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics/Marvel Comics]

Gunn tweeted this message of peace at the bickering group of fans, stating he loved DC Films and its head honcho, :

Johns, proving once again the good relationship between both companies, replied. He took the opportunity to do two things: Express his overwhelming excitement for and to ask his fanbase to stop engaging in meaningless confrontations:

It's worth noting, this isn't the first time we've seen the two companies getting along. Back in 2015, DC Comics moved from New York City to Burbank, California. To announce its departure, the company's official Twitter page sent out a message bidding farewell. Marvel responded with a touching Rocket Raccoon gif, lamenting its competitor's departure...

What does this tell us?

The Marvel/DC Fan Rivalry Is Completely Unnecessary

[Credit: DC Comics/Marvel Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics/Marvel Comics]

I'll be honest, I've never understood the problems DC and Marvel fans have with each other. Yes, both companies are competitors, particularly in the movie industry. But that doesn't make them the sworn enemies any unsuspecting person would imagine them to be by looking at a Marvel vs. DC debate.

They're ultimately companies that put out their respective entertainment content for costumers to enjoy. Fans should be aware of that and relax before trying to create an imaginary rift between the two studios.

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This was a great move on James Gunn and Geoff Johns' collective part. In just two tweets, they showed their fans there's no need to fight over some sort of delusional sense of superiority over companies.

Like I said at the start, comic books and superhero media are meant to unite fans. Hopefully, fans will eventually understand just how unnecessary getting in these type of conflicts really is and learn to enjoy the things that both companies give us.

What did you think about James Gunn and Geoff Johns' responses? Let me know in the comments!


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