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When ABC announced it would produce a TV adaptation of The Inhumans, Marvel Comics fans were genuinely excited. Sadly, the hype surrounding the upcoming show quickly dissipated after the first lackluster images and a shoddy trailer was released.

Things only got worse for Marvel’s Inhumans when the first two episodes were released in IMAX and only grossed $1.5 million. It seemed that Marvel’s Inhumans was dead on arrival, and the upcoming world broadcast premiere on September 29 might be the beginning of the end for the show. Then, rumors began circulating that the show would be cancelled in the coming weeks.

Most fans have already started to turn their backs on the show, and even some folks at Marvel Studios may feel the same way. A fan asked Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. I and II) director about the project, and his answer was not promising to say the least.

James Gunn Comments On Future Of Marvel's Inhumans

During one of Gunn’s popular Facebook Live Q&As, one fan asked Gunn if there was a way to “save” Marvel’s Inhumans. In a very short response, Gunn chuckled a bit and responded as follows:

“It does not look like there is much saving left for the Inhumans.”

While the comment does seem a bit dismissive of the new TV series, or perhaps just the characters' future in the MCU, he’s not wrong. After the poor reaction to the IMAX screening, Marvel’s Inhumans has the stench of failure that once plagued Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot.

Once a property gets maligned in the public eye, it usually doesn’t fare well. It's worth mentioning that the Marvel TV and film projects are handled completely independent of each other, with Kevin Feige in charge of the film universe and Jeph Loeb handling the TV side. Even if there was anything to fix on Marvel's Inhumans, James Gunn wouldn’t have any hand in it because he’s involved in the cinematic side of Marvel Studios.

In any case, James Gunn’s comments solidify fans' preconceived notion of Marvel’s Inhumans, which doesn’t speak well for the series. Maybe the show will surprise everyone (much like Starz's Spartacus did) and improve significantly after the first few episodes.

We will have to wait until Marvel’s Inhumans premieres September 29 on ABC to find out if the show could survive its first season, but for now, things don’t look good for TV’s newest show.

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