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There's something undeniably unique about James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. Between the punchy action sequences, captivating cinematography and hilarious dialogue, it's a remarkable sci-fi that's left a lasting impression on both the and its loyal fanbase.

As praised as the first was, fans and critics alike are rarely privy to the extensive editing process leading up to what we see on the silver screen. Things are cut, added and changed countless times in the pursuit of that perfect end result.

Thankfully for James Gunn and fans alike, one of the major changes to the original Guardians of the Galaxy script was a welcome addition that ultimately turned out to be for the best— and it was all thanks to his good buddy Joss Whedon.

Whedon's Well-Heeded Advice

Gunn recently posted a candid essay to Movie Maker providing an intriguing insight into his own filmmaking process. The very first lesson he listed was advice he'd received from none other than fellow Marvel director Joss Whedon, a seasoned writer and veritable nerd lord in his own right.

After completing the first draft of Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn sought feedback from Whedon, who had but one piece of advice: "he thought it wasn't 'James Gunn' enough":

"I had actually been holding back. I was afraid that to make a huge commercial movie, I had to make it like other movies. Joss said, 'I like the parts that are "James Gunn." Just make it more "James Gunn."' And that's what I did. I was glad he gave me that vote of confidence."

This adage of "put yourself into your writing" rings true for a range of creative mediums. For Gunn, it was just the guidance he needed to give Guardians its wow factor. And considering the mark the auteur has left on the franchise, Gunn was wise to heed Whedon's remarks.

Partners In Work And Friendship

As much as it was in Marvel newbie Gunn's interest to pay close attention to Whedon's constructive criticism, their relationship extends far beyond a common respect for each other as filmmakers. Gunn and Whedon are incredibly close, with Gunn even jumping to Whedon's defense following his notorious Twitter hiatus of 2015. Gunn posted an impassioned plea to fans via his Facebook, reminding his audience of the impact that words can have— even over the internet.

Don't forget that if it wasn't for Whedon, Gunn might never had the opportunity to take on Guardians at all. After all, it was Whedon who used his connections to get Gunn's foot in the door with Marvel, turning their long-running friendship into a professional connection.

What piece of advice do you think Joss Whedon should have imparted on James Gunn?

(Source: Movie Maker)


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