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The MCU has no rival when it comes to shared cinematic universes. As of late, all of the films that Disney & Marvel Studios have put their names to have been critical and financial successes. The Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers franchises have become focal points of the MCU, but there are some Marvel characters whose films are considered to be weak links in the Marvel machine.

Thor: Ragnarok [Credit: Entertainment Weekly]
Thor: Ragnarok [Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

The Thor franchise has had the most-maligned films in the entirety of the , with both and Thor: The Dark World underwhelming both fans and critics. The upcoming third installment, , looks promising, but since the previous two films weren’t Marvel’s finest, fans are more cautious about getting their hopes up about Thor's third outing.

We have already seen images from Thor: Ragnarok, and while they look great, we are still waiting on the first trailer to get a real feel for the film. While we are still waiting, one person has seen the first trailer, and he brings tidings of great joy. Guardians of the Galaxy director recently commented on seeing the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer, and his thoughts may have us all boarding the hype train.

James Gunn Comments On 'Thor: Ragnarok' Trailer

James Gunn’s first entry into the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy, is a fan-favorite, and one of the best-received films in the MCU. Since his debut film, Gunn has become a proud spokesperson for the MCU across all social media, maintaining strong rapport with Marvel fans. Because of said rapport, when Gunn gives his opinions on films or properties, people tend to take his thoughts to heart.

During a Q&A, Twitter user Steve Watson asked James Gunn if he had seen the Thor: Ragnarok trailer. To which Gunn replied: “It might just be the best Marvel Studios trailer ever”. These are strong words and trailers are subjective, but given the scope and talent in Thor: Ragnarok, there is hope that the trailer will knock our collective socks off, and bring a new hope to the Thor franchise.

The Ghost Of Thor's Past

Thor was released in 2011 to decent reviews and good fan reception. Thor is easily one of the hardest characters to translate to film, and it was surprising that they accomplished what they did with the film. It is certainly not one of Marvel’s finest films, but it was a god origin story that introduced Loki, who would go on to be the Big Bad in Marvel’s The Avengers.

The God of Thunder’s second outing, Thor: The Dark World, is still the lowest-rated MCU film on Rotten Tomatoes (and yes, that includes The Incredible Hulk). The film was divisive to say the least, which is not a term often used when describing MCU films.

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The Thor solo films have become the least popular of all the characters, with both films having less-than-stellar box office runs (compared to the other MCU entries). It’s easy to see how fans could be less excited for a third movie, but now we know that it is Thor: Ragnarok, it might be the breakthrough film that puts Thor on the spot.

Making Thor Worthy Again

Thor: Ragnarok [Credit: Entertainment Weekly]
Thor: Ragnarok [Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

James Gunn’s comments about the Thor: Ragnarok trailer are very exciting, to say the least. If it is as wonderful as he says it is, it could bring Thor to prominence in his solo movies, much like Captain America: Winter Soldier did for Cap. Sure, it’s only a trailer, but it will be a MCU trailer, which are usually top notch. MCU trailers tend to reflect their films, and in some cases, exceed what is promised in the trailers (pretty much every film from Captain America: Winter Soldier to Doctor Strange).

Chris Hemsworth has already made the character extremely popular, and the Team Thor skits have become viral sensations. With the character on the rise, and Taika Waititi helming the film, Thor: Ragnarok has all the potential to lead the Thor franchise to a new age, and to bring the solo films up to the level of its MCU counterparts.

We must wait and see if the Thor: Ragnarok trailer is as good as James Gunn says it is, but we have faith that it will be an amazing trailer. Until then you can wait patiently for the next installment in the MCU, which happens to be the James Gunn directed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in theaters May 5, 2017.

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