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Despite starring Asgardian gods, sentient cloaks and gun-toting raccoons, Marvel movies have come under fire in recent years for a perceived lack of originality — but the tide is set to turn soon, if director James Gunn has his way.

After exploring the cosmos with a loveable band of rogue outlaws in and the upcoming sequel, Gunn has now set his sights on one of 's more obscure heroes: Moon Knight.

When asked about the possibility of seeing Marc Spector join the , Gunn shot down any hopes of seeing Moon Knight teaming up with Star-Lord — but did reveal that he has been working on a solo movie starring the dark vigilante.

Pushed to present the idea of a Moon Knight movie to Marvel's head honchos, explained that he's already delivered his pitch to the studio, but doesn't have time to pursue the project just yet.

Gunn doesn't have any films or shows officially scheduled after is released on May 5, 2017, but it's impossible to know what the offbeat director has lined up next. Thus, it's safe to say that Gunn is indeed too busy to Moon Knight right now. Saying that though, it's still a shame that Gunn can't find time in his schedule to squeeze in an epic take on Moon Knight in the MCU... or is it?

Moon Knight Would Work Better As A Netflix Show, And Here's Why

Moon Knight [Credit; Marvel Comics]
Moon Knight [Credit; Marvel Comics]

Despite the undeniable thrill of seeing this former Avenger hit the big screen, it's hard to picture Moon Knight fighting alongside the likes of Iron Man and Captain America, trading banter with light-hearted quips and such.

From his debut in 1975, Marc Spector has always been depicted as a far more tragic figure, one whose psychological instability and brutal crime-fighting tactics are far better suited to the gritty tone of Marvel's Netflix shows.

Moon Knight [Credit; Marvel Comics]
Moon Knight [Credit; Marvel Comics]

With his night-themed gadgets and a lack of flashy powers, the potentially ridiculous character of Moon Knight deserves an extended story arc to ground his persona and flesh out his multiple personalities. Such an approach would allow the writers to explore the vigilante's fractured psyche through a more realistic lens, which could help Moon Knight differentiate himself further from DC's Batman, whom Spector is often compared to (unfairly).

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The problem with developing a Moon Knight show on is that the network's schedule is looking extremely full right now. This year alone, fans are looking forward to seeing The Punisher and Iron Fist star in their own solo shows before The Defenders team up for their own crossover event, and that's before we even begin to throw new seasons of , Jessica Jones and Luke Cage into the mix.

A Moon Knight Netflix show would be even more brutal than this savage fight scene from Season 2 of Daredevil:

If anyone's going to tackle Moon Knight on the big screen, James Gunn is the ideal candidate, thanks to his passion for the project, experience within the world of horror and a penchant for making obscure character appeal to mainstream audiences. However, if Gunn's schedule is as busy as he claims, we'd rather see Moon Knight join The Defenders in a supporting role that could be developed into a solo venture later down the line.

Any moves to bring Moon Knight into the MCU could end up looking more like Daredevil's universally derided film than the critically acclaimed Netflix series and Khonsu's avatar deserves far better.


Do you think Moon Knight would work better as a movie in the MCU or a Netflix TV show?


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