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One of the perks of being a director of a Marvel movie is getting to direct the famous in one of his many cameos that audiences have come to love. But if you are as lucky as James Gunn, you get to direct Stan Lee in two films: Doctor Strange and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

Just recently, James Gunn revealed in his Facebook profile that he stepped in and did director Scott Derrickson a solid by filming Stan Lee's cameo in :

Gunn also announced that the Stan Lee cameo we saw in Doctor Strange was one of many other takes they shot. The scene we saw was when Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo end up smashing into a bus window where Stan Lee is reading reading the book The Doors of Perception and laughing. In Gunn's Facebook post, he mentions three other scenes in particular that he enjoyed.

What Other Cameo Shots Did Stan Lee Do?

Here are some of the other ideas shot that day when Stan Lee was in town:

  • Stan reading a book and leaning into the guy next to him, saying, "Do you know what excelsior means?"
  • Stan throwing his head back and laughing as hard as he can, yelling, "I'm laughing for no reason! I'm totally crazy!"
  • Stan laughing hysterically at a Garfield book, hooting, "He HATES Mondays but he LOVES lasagna!"

According to Gunn, his favorite take was the Garfield one, but it ended up getting cut because it was too long. For all of us fans, any cameo would have put a smile on our faces.

Directors Helping Directors

What a guy James Gunn is for giving a hand with the Doctor Strange scene, but this isn't as uncommon as you think. When you're a famous director working on a big budget Marvel film, sometimes you have to juggle a few projects to make those blockbusters work.

With the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, sometimes directors call upon other directors to help. Usually they ask for someone who shares their same vision, and whom they know they can trust to assist in creating a wonderful movie. Just a few weeks ago, we learned Zack Snyder had to step away from filming Justice League because of a tragic death in his family. So Snyder asked Joss Whedon, who was already directing Batgirl for the studio, to finish the film in his stead. It's a markedly different scenario than Gunn shooting a quick cameo; Whedon had already been heavily involved with Justice League with some additional photography and pick-ups, along with some tinkering with the script. Regardless, it's cool to see how well the Marvel directors get along and the level of trust they all share with each other.

Which Stan Lee cameo do you wish they left in Doctor Strange? Leave your comments below.


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