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Studios like to keep their upcoming tentpoles––especially superhero films––as closely-guarded as possible. But while that may be hard to deal with as fans, our need for information gets completely out of hand at times. director James Gunn just experienced the results of a fans going to such extremes; true to his nature, it ended up being hilarious.

Gunn took to Facebook to share the recent encounter. A random fan created a fake Instagram profile posing as the president of Studios, Kevin Feige, to contact Gunn, hoping the director would fall for the charade and spill some juicy MCU details.

Being a man who is both internet-savvy and can, y'know, read, Gunn immediately realized it was a fake and flipped the ruse on the fan, escalating it hilariously. Fighting fire with fire, Gunn messaged the faker outlandish MCU "reveals," and it was just amazing. Here are all the made-up details Gunn used to troll the fan:

A Heart-Breaking Death In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3'

Out of the entire Guardians of the Galaxy roster, the one character that's stolen the most hearts has been . Well, Gunn decided to start his trolling by crushing this fan's soul, with the "reveal" that Groot gets decapitated at the beginning of :

The Biggest Plot-Twist In Spidey's Cinematic History

Following the fan's strange request for to be unlike any other Spider-Man movie out there, Gunn kicked things up a notch and teased him with perhaps the biggest plot twist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Peter Parker is actually :

Predator Vs. Black Panther

Things started to escalate here, as Gunn began to act more paranoid. Opening up his scope, he decided to come up with some non-Marvel characters making an appearance in the . The first one was the Predator, who would be facing off agains :

Although the mashup is completely ridiculous, I can't deny it would be quite awesome to see going up against the Predator. Both are jungle-based characters, after all.

An Awesome Post-Credits Scene For 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Continuing to test the fan with his insider knowledge, Gunn brought up another fictional character's integration into the superhero franchise: Popeye in .

Who knows? It could work. I can totally see the pair competing to see who has the biggest biceps. And to be fair, this isn't the first time James Gunn has talked about wanting to get the spinach-powered sailor up in his universe:

Some on-brand trolling from Gunn, really. Nice callback.

Thanos' Unexplored Family Tree

Getting more cosmic, Gunn came up with a new family member for the Mad Titan: Eros' son. When the fan wasn't able to respond to that, it was clear: The guy on the other end was at least 60% not Kevin Feige:

To make things even more awesome, Gunn revealed in the comments he was texting the real the whole thing as it unfolded. I can just imagine the fan, marveling at the thought of Spider-Man being Venom or Groot meeting his maker in Vol. 3.

There's no other way around it: This was incredible. Not only was it hilarious, it also taught fans a lesson: Don't try to out-troll master troller James Gunn. It will not go the way you hope. Stay awesome, sir.

What did you think of James Gunn's trolling abilities? Let me know in the comments!


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