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James Gunn is widely known for being the visionary behind the visually-stunning cosmic delight, Guardians of the Galaxy, a jovial film filled with optimism, upbeat '80s music and quips about body fluid. But from the very same mind lies something very different, something much darker than the dark matter occupying the MCU's outer space.

The Belko Experiment is something of a passion project for Gunn, in an entirely different form of Guardians. Set within the backdrop of desktop computers, Powerpoint presentations and water cooler chat, Battle Royale meets The Office in the indie about a violent social experiment with dire consequences.

Although all-too-brief, Gunn released the first glimpse at the film on his Facebook page, teasing a full trailer on November 30. Check out the 18 seconds of tension in all of its gory glory below:

A Dark Script Long In The Making

Set within the office space of the Belko Coporation — an American company based in Bogata, Colombia — a normal day at work becomes a nightmare for 80 employees when an unknown voice makes a chilling announcement: Each of those inside the building have 30 minutes to kill three people, or else six will die.

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'The Belko Experiment' promises lots of violence [Credit: Orion Pictures]
'The Belko Experiment' promises lots of violence [Credit: Orion Pictures]

The narrative spawned from a spark of inspiration from Gunn, who wrote the script after awaking from a dream depicting similar murderous events. In a Facebook post in September, shortly before the film's Toronto International Film Festival debut, Gunn wrote:

"I had always been horrified and fascinated by tales of social experiments that transgress morality, whether it be those of Stanley Milgram, Unit 731, or TV's Big Brother. This was a chance to explore the extremes, but with fictional characters (and I still feel guilty, as I love them just like I love all the characters I write).

How far would you have to be pushed to take an innocent life? And are your actions true expressions of what you profess to believe?"

script took nine years to finally reach the production stage, with Wolf Creek director Greg McLean transferring those words to live-action. The film features some familiar faces for fans, including Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker, who played Kraglin and Yondu respectively.

The film, written and produced by , also features a welcome appearance from Scrubs actor, John C. McGinley, as well as John Gallagher Jr., Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona and Melonie Diaz.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full trailer release on November 30, before The Belko Experiment's official release on March 17, 2017.


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