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Put down you coffee, stop whatever you are doing and get your hand out of your pants because I have a huge announcement to make: The future is here and it looks a lot like Star Trek.

Captain's Log: Star date -309072.27023084735 (that's actually today's date). The USS Zumwalt is boldly going where lots of people have gone before...

Captain James Kirk and the USS Zumwalt

The craft in question is not a starship bound for distant galaxies, but a US Navy vessel sporting cutting-edge technology, a new electronic propulsion system and powerful armaments. And the name of the captain of this futuristic machine? One Captain James Kirk.

The USS Zumwalt is currently under construction at Maine's Bath Iron Works and will be the most advanced ship the US Navy has ever built. So who better to skipper this than Bethesda, Md. native James Kirk. While he shares his moniker with the iconic captain of the USS Enterprise, there's no word yet if his engineer is Scottish or whether the first officer is an emotionally repressed yet brilliantly logical Vulcan.

We'll keep you posted.

(USA Today)


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