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Now, with 's now mere moments away from hitting theaters, you might imagine that the film's director, , would be far too busy to spend half of his time answering random questions on Twitter. And, because this is 2017, and doing precisely that seems to be a requirement of the job, you would be wrong.

Thankfully though, that means that Mangold's Twitter has been an excellent source of Logan-related news of late, offering up direct-from-the-source responses to some of fandom's biggest questions — as well as, on occasion, some of its smaller ones. Those, however, can occasionally lead to some of the most intriguing reveals, including the fact that:

We Might Yet See 'Logan' In Black And White, It Seems

'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

Yup, that's right. According to James Mangold himself, there's a chance that we may eventually get to see Logan in full, glossy black and white, thus giving us the opportunity to say goodbye to 's portrayal of while simultaneously pretending that it's the early 1930s.

As Mangold himself put it, after being asked by a fan whether or not there will eventually be a black and white release of the movie, he is apparently "workin' on it."

Which, of course, may or may not mean that there are any actual plans to throw a black and white Logan onto, say, the film's deluxe Blu-ray release — there's always the possibility that Mangold is the only one really pushing for it behind the scenes, after all — but is a pretty neat turn of events all the same.

After all, such a release wouldn't cause anyone any sort of harm, and would make a small group of devoted fans extremely happy, which makes it well worth crossing our fingers for.

What do you think, though? Would you pay money to see Logan in black and white? Let us know below!


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