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Mark Newton

If you were expecting to get a glimpse of the first teaser from The Wolverine any time soon, then I'm afraid I'll have to bitterly disappoint you. Originally it was speculated that the first trailer would be shipped out with A Good Day to Die Hard, however it looks like things have now changed. reports that the first teaser will now debut with G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which hits theaters on March 29th.

Director took to Twitter to confirm the news, and interestingly, defend The Wolverine from some of its more rabid fans:

Once again staring as Logan, The Wolverine sees our adamantium-laced hero heading off to Japan to cross swords (and claws) with a mysterious foe from his past.

Are you happy to wait a little bit longer for footage of The Wolverine, or are you reaching the limits of your patience? Let us know below.


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