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Brian Salisbury

An old dark castle, strategically timed lightning bolts, and a demented scientist hellbent on playing god! Those are the things we're hoping to see in Fox's upcoming Victor Frankenstein production. (Push) will direct based on both 's classic novel and a script by (Chronicle). Now, Deadline is reporting that (X-Men: First Class) is the studio's choice for Dr. Frankenstein himself. McAvoy will work alongside (Harry Potter series) who will be playing Igor. The studio's search for the appropriate actor for this role was extensive, and purportedly included (Boardwalk Empire) and (RocknRolla).

It's interesting to me how the classic monsters, Dracula and Frankenstein's creation in particular, are experiencing a resurgence. Just in the Frankenstein department we've got Frankenstein's Army, I, Frankenstein with , and not to mention last year's animated film Frankenweenie. Now McGuigan's Frankenstein project, which at admittedly extremely cursory glance seems the most traditional, has added more firepower. Daniel Radcliffe as Igor is a fascinating against-type piece of casting and I can't wait to see the makeup they use on him. So now in addition to capitalizing on the lingering Harry Potter film popularity, McGuigan's version will also have Jame McAvoy in the same year as we get X-Men: Days Of Future Past past. Slam dunkenstein!

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