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Just when we thought Fox may be finished with movies, it seems that they might just be getting started, again. From the hype around to the curiosity behind , Fox seems to have plenty of X-Men movies up their sleeve. But how can you do an X-Men movie without the leader, Charles Xavier?

So of course, when James McAvoy was seen on Instagram with X-Men screenwriter Simon Kingberg, fans were given a new reason to get x-cited.

First of all, it's awesome that McAvoy seems to do a lot with fellow Professor X, Patrick Stewart, but there is also one other thing that needs to be noted that was a part of that Instagram post, and it's a line that is incredibly important.

"I can't wait for the summer."

For many, that might not make sense, but for those who carefully follow the news about X-Men movies, this is fantastic news.

As some may know, just recently it was announced that the next big X-Men movie would be called X-Men: Supernova. Currently the only one tied to the movie is Sophie Turner, who will reprise her role as Jean Grey and production for the movie just so happens to start this summer.

So what could this mean for McAvoy's role as Professor X?

To Me, My X-Men

X-Men: Apocalypse [Credit: Twentieth Century Fox]
X-Men: Apocalypse [Credit: Twentieth Century Fox]

One of the best parts of X-Men: Apocalypse was the fact that we got to see these characters in costumes faithful to their comic book counterparts. The end sequence also promised us an official team of X-Men ready to take on the world, with Professor X at the helm of it all.

It would be awesome to see in Supernova the kind of X-Men team that was promised at the end of Apocalypse, especially with actors like Evan Peters and Sophie Turner playing the parts. And speaking of Sophie Turner...

Return of the Phoenix

The big news that came out of the announcement of Supernova was what it would be about. The movie would be focusing on the story of Dark Phoenix, which is why Turner was the first one to be cast in the movie.

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The Phoenix storyline isn't exactly something new for X-Men movie to tackle, but many fans are holding out hope for a more faithful adaption to the original story from the comics. It looks like they're going to be trying it again, only hopefully it will be given the justice that it deserves this time around.

Xavier's Last Stand?

X-Men: The Last Stand [Credit: Twentieth Century Fox]
X-Men: The Last Stand [Credit: Twentieth Century Fox]

One of the biggest controversies that came out of Last Stand was the death of Charles Xavier. It wasn't something new, as Xavier has died before in the comics, but it was something few saw coming in the film. Could something similar happen in Supernova?

At the moment, anything is possible for the movie, but it could happen. In fact this could have the biggest impact on the X-Men franchise, as long as it's done right.

Xavier is one of the most important characters in the X-Men universe. So as seen in Last Stand, with his death, the X-Men are left having to figure out how to do things without the wisdom and protection that Xavier provides. It lets the X-Men mature from students to leaders.

Not only that, but the death of Xavier would also showcase the power that Dark Phoenix has inside of her. Again, Last Stand tried to show the power that the Phoenix force had, but in the end, not only did it make her look more ridiculous than strong, but Xavier didn't stay dead for long, as seen in the post-credit scene.

If Xavier were to stay dead, it would not only be a strong sendoff for the character, but a showcase of the Phoenix Force's true power.

The Perfect Sendoff?

If the rumors are true, and McAvoy is joining X-Men: Supernova to play Professor X one more time, then it seems that they are setting him up for the perfect sendoff. With being one of the most important characters in all of , he wouldn't just be a character that they would cast lightly. There would have to be an important reason for them to do so and since the upcoming film is rumored to be tackling such a massive classic storyline, it looks like that is exactly what they are set to do.

So what do you think? Do you want to see McAvoy one more time as Professor X? Are you excited to see a new Dark Phoenix story? Let me know your thoughts down below!


Do You Want To See James McAvoy One More Time As Professor X?


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