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Mark Newton

Showtime's Ray Donovan has already nabbed its fair share of big names and it's not quite finished yet. The Hollywood Reporter has just announced that of Shark and Straw Dogs fame will be joining the cast which includes , and .

Ray Donovan will revolve around said Ray Donovan, a professional "fixer" for the rich and famous in Los Angeles. What's a fixer? Well its someone who "fixes" certain "unpleasant situations". He must soon balance his strenuous workload against a complex family situation brought on by this father's (Voight)unexpected release from prison.

Woods is down to play Patrick "Sully" Sullivan, a currently enigmatic character with a complicated relationship with the Donovan family.

Want to check out the trailer to see what these unexpected situations involve? Well, take a look below:

Is Ray Donovan making its way onto your TV schedule? Let me know below.


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