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After a year of incredible superhero movies like Logan, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming, it feels like the superhero movie genre can do no wrong. Sadly, that's not always the case. A modern comic book adaptation can go terribly wrong, and we have 2015's Fantastic Four as an example.

Chronicle's got onboard to direct, and a star-studded cast — consisting of Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell — was assembled. Fox was so confident in the film, it was even supposed to tie in with the X-Men film series at one point.

Things seemed to be going well at first, but cracks started to show when rumors about serious troubles on set surfaced. Then the movie came out, and it was a bomb that went off at the worst possible time. Trank denounced the movie on Twitter a day before its release, fans hated the movie, and it became a Thing-size flop.

Now, two years later, one cast member has opened up about the movie's failure. During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, , who played , a.k.a Ben Grimm, explained that he had no idea the film would turn out the way it did, especially with how much effort went into it:

"There were several things on that movie I was clearly not privy to because I’m just an actor and I just do my stuff on set. But with something like that, everything starts with the best of intentions. A production begins with the idea to make something that’s unique and original and with integrity. I think the film really strived towards those goals. I don’t know what happened between the launch of the voyage and the arrival. I think we were all bitterly disappointed with that film. But that’s just the way it goes sometimes."

There's something fascinating about Bell's response. Actors usually pull no punches when criticizing a movie that they've been a part of, some time after its release. We've seen it happen with the likes of Ryan Reynolds with Green Lantern, Halle Berry with Catwoman, George Clooney with Batman and Robin and Sally Field with The Amazing Spider-Man series.

Bell, however, was quite respectful. He didn't trash the film. Yes, he admitted that the outcome was disappointing, but he acknowledged that the movie started out with the best of intentions.

What Have The Rest Of The Fantastic Four Actors Said About The Movie?

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Every single one of the main Fantastic Four cast members has shared their opinion on the film at some point or another. First, there's . Similar to Jamie Bell, the actor was very respectful when discussing the movie's problems with The Independent:

"You never really know how a project is going to turn out with edits and cuts, and this and that. Cause everything we shot didn’t ultimately make the movie either. A lot of decisions were made after we filmed, after the reshoots, to make the best project that we could possibly do."

During an appearance in the Happysadconfused podcast, also explained what went wrong with the comic book adaptation. While he kept things as nice as possible, he still let a few jabs slip:

"People think that when you make something like a 'Fantastic Four' that doesn't do well, people think ‘Oh you phoned it in’ and it couldn’t be more untrue. You work harder on the bad films, or the films that turn out maybe not the way you intended, because something’s not working. And I thought it was kind of unjustly critiqued that way [...] I think it’s unfortunate a movie like that becomes a scarlet letter on a resume when so many talented people worked really hard and maybe a handful of people took it in a negative direction. But so many people worked really hard on that that are so talented."

Keep in mind, he's been more optimistic about his involvement in the Marvel franchise since those comments. was more subtle with her response. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight alongside Sebastian Stan, the Winter Solider actor stated he hadn't seen Fantastic Four, to which Mara responded:

"Neither did most of the world."

Ouch. Out of the four actors, it's safe to say that Jordan and Bell had the most neutral responses.

While the movie was a fairly bad experience, the cast was great, and they had chemistry. Seeing as how all of them agree that they enjoyed working together, I would be interested in seeing them take another shot at the Fantastic Four.

Right now there's probably not a chance of that happening, since there's another reboot reportedly in the works, but hey, a fan can dream.

What did you think about Jamie Bell's comments regarding Fantastic Four? What did you think about the film? Let me know in the comments!

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