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Although the cast of Fifty Shades Darker may have been forbidden by Universal to discuss nipple clamps in interviews, there's no stopping them from talking about what it was like to film the many sex scenes littered throughout the movie.

As we all know, the production process wasn't exactly as sexy as our filthy minds would imagine. During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show this week, Jamie Dornan revealed how awkward it really was to pretend doing the dirty, of which there is a considerable amount:

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'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

According to the actor, when he and Dakota Johnson had to get all hot and heavy in front of a film crew, they would try to make each other laugh as much as possible to cast away the nerves. Speaking of , he let the audience in on the secret of what he whispered in her ear when Christian Grey was about to blow his load:

"There's probably more sex in it. My temptation is always just to try to make Dakota laugh ... When there's a moment when I'm meant to orgasm, I'll be like, 'Doodle-doo dee-doo!'"

Quite frankly, you've really got to watch the clip for yourself to really get a taster of what that must have been like:

Oh, Jamie — alongside that insane bent-arm planche plank you do in the movie, you really are the gift that keeps on giving!


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