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In a week of a San Diego Comic Con panel and a new (and wonderful) trailer drop, Outlander fans were also gifted with a first look of Jamie Fraser in his best Dunbonnet form. Even if you're not an early fan of Outlander via Diana Gabaldon's books, with Season 3 just around the bend, it's about time you got yourself ready for what the on-screen adaptation of Voyager will bring. The one thing you should know is that Jamie Fraser will not be Jamie Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser:

One of the new versions of Jamie Fraser is the mysterious and secretive Dunbonnet. In the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden and of sending Claire back through the stones, Jamie endures some hardships due to his being a Jacobite traitor. Because of his involvement in the rebellion, he spends some many years hidden in a cave near his home of Lallybroch and this is what Jamie looks like during that time:

Now, hiding for a man such as Jamie Fraser — a towering red-haired Highlander — means donning a cap or a bonnet which, in this case, just happens to be brown; hence dunbonnet ("dull brown bonnet" in Scots). What makes this photo so much more interesting is the fact that Jamie is carrying Fergus in his arms, prefacing one of the most saddening moments in Voyager, but we'll keep that in spoiler land for now:

In one of the many times Fergus takes some supplies to Jamie in the cave, he runs into a group of English soldiers. Refusing to deliver the casket he was carrying to the soldiers, young Fergus is harshly disciplined and has his hand cut off.

The closer we get to the Outlander Season 3 premiere, the more we're bound to get some nice pictures such as this — and the harder it gets to overcome . But with everything that's been released so far (especially that enticing trailer) all signs point to an epic season when returns in September.

Which new façade are you most anxious to see Jamie Fraser play out? Let us know below in the comments.


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