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The subject of racial equality is a no-brainer: Every person, no matter their skin color or appearance is equal. No exceptions. Unfortunately, while that may be clear for some, there are others for whom the concept is too hard to wrap their heads around. And thanks to that group, racism is still a big issue around the world.

Case in point: Actor Jamie Foxx, who is currently in Dubrovnik, Croatia filming . On Sunday, police responded to a report of "particularly arrogant and rude insults" directed at one of the guests "on racial grounds" by two middle-aged Croatian men. That guest was Jamie Foxx. He posted two videos on his Instagram of the racially motivated verbal assault (which he's since deleted):

A screenshot of the deleted videos
A screenshot of the deleted videos

One shows the incident and in the other, the actor, with his trademark humor, explains the situation. He stated:

“They drunk up in here. I came to the table and they banged on us in Croatian.”

The men reportedly shouted "crnuga" at Foxx, which is the Croatian equivalent to the N-word. Fortunately, they didn't go unpunished, as they were escorted out of the restaurant (shown in the picture above) and were subsequently charged with disorderly conduct. Dubrovnik police are looking for more charges to pin on them.

But even though he's since deleted the original videos, on Monday, seemed to reference the incident by posting another video of him admiring Croatia, with the hashtag "Black Man":

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According to reports, the UK and Europe have seen a marked rise in hate crimes in the last few years, particularly since the Brexit vote. Unfortunately it too often goes unnoticed. Reporting on incidents like this one help shed light on just how serious the issue still is around the world. Good to see that Foxx seemed to take it in stride and it hasn't deterred him from filming what we hope will be a remarkable movie.


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