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Sophie Atkinson

has reported that his White House Down co-star, ’s musical know-how is downright intimidating.

In the action flick White House Down, which explodes onto the big screen on July 19, Tatum plays a Capitol policeman, while Fox plays the president Tatum has to protect. During downtime on set, Tatum got a taste of the actor/musician's talent at playing the piano.

'Let me tell you something about playing with Jamie Foxx. You feel very inadequate at times because the president is on the piano playing Mozart and Chopin. You walk in and you are like, 'I need to start taking piano lessons!' But that's what's fun about it. I get to learn from all these guys,' Tatum said in a statement.

Oh, Channing, sweetpea. He's got the ivory-tinkling moves, sure, but I've seen you in Step Up, and you've got the moves, full stop - those backflips are pure poetry. Though props to Jamie for whipping out a bit of casual Mozart.

Sounds like a fun set to work on - I'd love to see Jamie Foxx breaking out of tense, presidential character to lay down some classical music beats on the piano.

Will you be going to see White House Down when it hits theaters? And if not, what's stopping you? Let me know your thoughts below.


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