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Jamie Lee Curtis' return to the Halloween series is exciting for many reasons. Not only was this the series that launched her career and remains the crowning achievement of her brief stint as cinema's greatest "scream queen," it's also very telling of just where this new film might go. Could it be that after 40 years, Michael Myers will finally not live to see another November 1? This is a very real possibility, especially when considering why Curtis left the series last time.

The Life And Deaths of Laurie Strode

Laurie fights back in 'Halloween'. [Credit: Compass]
Laurie fights back in 'Halloween'. [Credit: Compass]

Much like Michael himself, Laurie has been killed and resurrected numerous times, and due to Curtis herself. This is not to say that isn't proud of the original , which made her a household name and launched her career as an actress. However, series creator John Carpenter felt that not many scares or story were left by the first sequel. 1981's Halloween II left Michael Myers pretty definitively deceased and Carpenter attempted to make the series into an anthology based around the holiday itself.

While hardly a bad film, Halloween III didn't enjoy the success of the first two and producers made Halloween 4 without Carpenter's involvement. Curtis, an avid admirer of the director, also opted out of the series as a result. So, in one of the series' biggest upsets, Laurie Strode, horror heroin, was killed offscreen via a car accident. Hardly a fitting end to such a beloved character, and a bad sign of things to come.

Halloween 4, 5 and 6 proved pretty underwhelming, with 5 and 6 ironically failing to attract as much attention as even the Myers-less Halloween III. It seemed nothing could rekindle public interest in the series. Then came 1998.

Laurie faces off against Michael once more in 'Halloween H20'. [Credit: Dimension]
Laurie faces off against Michael once more in 'Halloween H20'. [Credit: Dimension]

On the 20th anniversary of the original, Curtis herself had the idea of doing a movie to put a cap on the saga.

I said, lets make a movie where she makes a moment's choice. I'm willing to fight for my life because to live another minute in fear is no life and I'd rather die, and let's freaking end it.

Though not a great film, Halloween H20 was a marked improvement over the previous sequels. It ignored the backstory of parts 4-6, once more taking a minimalist approach to the Myers character and again leaving him pretty definitively deceased. However, Halloween H20’s success left producers hesitant to bury the slasher for good. So, much to Curtis’ disappointment, they went to work on an 8th film.

As before, Curtis opted out of future installments, and her character was once more killed off. She sent a clear message, that in order for her to come back to Haddonfield Illinois, something big would have to happen.

Laurie Lives

Horror fans got the shock of all shocks on the morning of September 15. On both Twitter and Facebook, Jamie Lee Curtis posted a picture of herself in the iconic costume from the original 1978 film, accompanied by the following cryptic message:

"Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween." What could that mean? Could she only be referring to herself, or is this the end of the series' seemingly immortal maniac? Lets consider the following.

The decision to resurrect Michael is why Curtis wanted her character killed off in 'Halloween: Resurrection'. [Credit: Dimension]
The decision to resurrect Michael is why Curtis wanted her character killed off in 'Halloween: Resurrection'. [Credit: Dimension]

Curtis previously tried to have Michael killed off in an effort to end the series well, and it was the decision to resurrect him that made her leave in the first place. The promise of finally doing away with the killer, on the original film's 40th anniversary no less, might have been a tempting offer. However, another big name is returning to the series who, along with Curtis, may have the power to put Michael down for the count.

John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of 'Halloween.' [Credit: Compass]
John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of 'Halloween.' [Credit: Compass]

John Carpenter, writer and director of the original classic, is returning as a producer and creative consultant for this new film. This no doubt played a huge part in Curtis’s desire to return as over the years she's been very vocal about her admiration for the director, even approaching him to direct H20 back in 1998. Carpenter opted out of that film, in part because he too felt the series had gone on too long.

Carpenter himself has repeatedly stated his disappointment with the series following the original, even Halloween II which he wrote. He's been adamant the original film shouldn't have had any sequels.

I didn’t think there was any more story, and I didn’t want to do it again. All of my ideas were for the first Halloween – there shouldn’t have been any more!

As with H20, the new film will ignore all installments after the second movie in an effort to keep the killer more mysterious. So, with Carpenter and Curtis on board, does this mean is finally on the chopping block with no way out? Could their combined influence prove once and for all that the boogeyman is mortal?

Some will say Michael being mortal somehow diminishes his power, but I honestly feel the opposite is true. Each mediocre sequel has slowly drained the character of life. Is it possible that his death will give him real immortality? Honestly, what better capper on this series could you possibly have? Curtis herself has ironically been killed off and resurrected as many times as Michael by this point, so she's proven to be just as resilient as he. It's the 40th anniversary of the original, with Curtis in front of the camera and Carpenter behind it. There may never be a better opportunity to kill the boogeyman.

If they do it right, it will be the stuff of legend.

Do you think the 'Halloween' series should end or should the boogeyman live forever? Looking forward to this next entry in the series? Let us know in the comments!

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