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Tino Jochimsen

Most people will know as the towering, surprisingly flirty (at least when it comes to 's King Leonidas) King Xerxes in the oily sword and sandal spectacle 300.

That probably should have changed with the release of Arnie’s neo-western The Last Stand–in which Santoro co-starred. But, since barely anyone has seen that one, his reputation might actually change with ’s just fantastic-sounding Jane Got a Gun.

The old-school western with a feminist touch tells the story of the wife of an outlaw, who seeks the help of her ex-boyfriend–an extremely capable gunslinger– when her husband comes home half-dead, shot by his own gang the notorious Bishop Boys.

There are two components that make this project ring my movie buff bells like the hunchback of Cinephilia: The cast and the director.

Director ’s last film is the extremely well-made, if not especially heart-warming We Need to Talk about Kevin, which left me deeply disturbed. I am quite excited about what Shelton will do with material that isn't quite so... well, chilling.

The cast, boy, the cast sure does look good. We’ve got in the lead, underrated Warrior star playing her husband and man-of-the-moment (since quite a few moments) (Prometheus). Newbie Santoro plays a character named Fitchum, whose name does sound vaguely villain-ish but sure can’t be the main foe as that honor befalls one John Bishop (hence ‘the Bishop Boys’). We sure can’t wait who'll be cast in that role!

As for Santoro fear not, you'll seem him all towering and flirty soon enough in the 300 prequel/spin-off/who-knows-off 300: Rise of an Empire.


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