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Brian Salisbury

It's not often that I get so excited to see a film that has endured as much controversy and personnel changeover as has Jane Got a Gun. Several months ago, director departed the project suddenly, right near the end of production. Then, more bad news as exited and then subsequent additions and each came and went. All that being the case, (the eponymous lead) remained steadfast and Warrior director took over behind the camera.

The western thriller centers on a woman whose outlaw husband betrays his own gang only to wind up with several bullets in his back. With the help of a gunslinger (played by ), Jane must defend her home from the advancing gang. And now, according to THR, Jane Got A Gun has just been set for an August 29th, 2014 release.

Despite all the setbacks, and even the pending lawsuit against former director Ramsay, I love western siege movies. Go watch Rio Bravo and tell me that isn't an exciting and well-crafted piece of cinema. Not only that, but I still think the movie has a stellar cast and, after the exceptional work he did on Warrior, I am fully confident in Gavin O'Connor's ability to tell this story.

What do you guys think?


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