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Warning: heartbreaking spoilers for Jane the Virgin to follow — continue at your own risk!

The CW’s always shocks us with its charming unpredictability. Like the time when we found out who Sin Rostro is, or when we found out she didn’t die.

Unfortunately, I ruined one of the most unpredictable plot twists for myself by stumbling upon Gina Rodriguez’s Instagram post about having Brett Dier as the perfect on-screen partner; an even bigger mistake was really going to her IG page and finding Brett Drier’s in-character video saying sweet stuff to Jane.

Because Jane The Virgin is yet to air (in its glorious dubbed version) in my country, this revelation came as a shock to me that I almost cried. I’m on Team Michael all the way!

Fans around the world were shocked by the revelation that Michael Cordero drew his last breath in Jane the Virgin Season 3. After one last romantic moment with Jane on a ferris wheel, Michael had an unexpected heart attack.

Michael's death had been promised since episode 10 of Jane the Virgin, but members of Team Michael hoped our best guy had a few seasons left in him before his inevitable demise. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. This mean we'll never get to see Michael and Jane have their own bunch of rugrats, or share more adorable moments together. This was a really bold move from CW, and a heart-breaking one at that. So without further ado, join me in reliving Michael Cordero’s best moments below.

7. The First Meeting

First kiss! . [Credit:The CW]
First kiss! . [Credit:The CW]

Back when they first met, Michael showed up at Jane’s 21st birthday party, and everyone mistook him as a stripper; when they found out that he was in fact a real policeman, they apologized. It was like Jane and Michael had an instant connection. Before he left for the evening, they shared their first kiss, which was exactly how Jane envisioned it would be – with ‘snow’ falling.

6. When He Accepted Jane’s Decision to Keep ‘Milkshake’

When he found out Jane was preggers. [Credit: The CW]
When he found out Jane was preggers. [Credit: The CW]

Despite being apprehensive that his future wife was accidentally carrying the child of another man, in the end, Michael came to his senses and respected Jane’s decision to keep the baby. He accepted it because he knows Milkshake is not just ½ of Rafael, but also ½ of Jane. Because Michael truly loved Jane, he accepted everything about her.

5. When He Was Still Looking Out for Jane Despite their Break-Up

Aww Michael .[Credit: The CW]
Aww Michael .[Credit: The CW]

Michael was heartbroken when Jane broke up with him to be with her baby daddy Rafael Solano. Despite this, he was still looking out for Jane’s safety, and stuck around. Though we know that it’s because he suspected Rafael of being a mobster villain, it doesn't changed the fact that Michael was always low-key looking out for our leading lady. When she chose Rafael over him, he even gave him advice on how to be favored by Jane’s family, because Michael knows that Rafael makes Jane happy. Also, remember when he prevented Alba from being deported?

4. When He Saved Mateo

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Everyone went berserk when Sin Rostro kidnapped the newborn Mateo Villanueva. Because Michael is a dedicated cop, he cracked that it was Sin Rostro who kidnapped baby Mateo, and he did everything he could in order to save him and return him to Jane and Rafael. Seeing Jane, Michael, and Rafael cooing over the saved Mateo was a very heartwarming moment, and it shows that despite their differences, they’re ready to devote all their love to the child. Rafael also invited him to be the godfather of his child!

3. When He Returned The Christmas Angel to the Villanuevas

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

The Christmas Angel was a very important part of the Villanueva household because it was from Jane’s grandfather. So they all felt somewhat down when they couldn’t find it. But lo and behold the miracles of Christmas. Again, despite breaking-up with and not being on good terms, Michael, like a knight in shining armor, came and returned the Christmas Angel.

2. When He Kissed Jane and it Snowed

AN EPIC KISS .[Credit: The CW]
AN EPIC KISS .[Credit: The CW]

This was the catalyst. This is the sign that they were truly meant to be.

1. When He said His Vows in Spanish

When Jane and Michael got back together, we knew it was high time that they got married. We were so worried about them and what would happen if they didn't do it fast — I mean, this telenovela is just crazy on the plot twists! However, when they got back together, Michael’s parents didn’t approve of Jane (and Mateo) but Michael staunchly defended them. And as we say in the Philippines “...No matter how long the procession is, it all leads to church”, and this is what happened to Jane and Michael’s love story!

Check out the promo for Jane the Virgin's political face-off below:

Now that Michael Cordero is gone, we’ll never see him do more heroic deeds, or more of his adorable bromance with Rogelio. We’ll never get to see him have babies with Jane, and we know that unlike Sin Rostro’s ‘death’, Michael is truly gone. But seeing as this is telenovela, we're still holding our hopes up for a surprise comeback. We’ll miss you Michael, truly. You were genuinely one of the nicest guys we’ve ever seen on TV. You may be gone, but you're certainly not forgotten.


What was your favorite Michael moment?


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