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Netflix announced that will be released next year after The Defenders. It looks like the cast is coming together for the sophomore season of the acclaimed Marvel series, and now the acclaim is greater: Entertainment Weekly reported that Oscar nominee Janet McTeer has been tapped to play a key role in the upcoming show.

McTeer will play an “undisclosed character who will have an enormous impact on Jessica’s life.” She is the first newcomer recruited for the upcoming season.

“We are so fortunate to have an actress of Janet’s talent and stature join what is already an incredible cast,” said Marvel’s Head of Television and Executive Producer, Jeph Loeb. “Our second season of ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ aims to capture what audiences loved about our first, and Janet will be key to achieving that goal.”

While we don't yet know who is slated to play, I made list of five Marvel characters that may factor into Jessica Jones' life.

1. Kat Farrell

Kat Farrell [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Kat Farrell [Credit: Marvel Comics]

In the comics, Kat Farrell is the head of "The Pulse," which is the column in the Daily Bugle newspaper that focuses on superheroes. Jessica Jones works as a consultant for the The Pulse, and has worked with Kat Farrell on several occasions. One such time was when Luke Cage went missing as a result of his role in Nick Fury's Secret War. So we may see an appearance of "The Pulse" in the upcoming season.

2. Karla Sofen

Karla Sofen aka Moonstone [Credits: Marvel Comics]
Karla Sofen aka Moonstone [Credits: Marvel Comics]

Karla Sofen is also known as Moonstone. What I like about her being a potential character in the show is that she is a well-known psychologist. In Season 1 of Jessica Jones, we learned that she was raped while under the influence of Kilgrave. She uses alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with her trauma. It is possible for Janet McTeer to play the part of Jessica's psychologist to help Jessica get past her demons.

3. Abigail Burns

Abigail Burns [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Abigail Burns [Credit: Marvel Comics]

What's interesting about Abigail Burns is that she is English activist who believes the world needs to be saved from capitalism and corporate hegemony. After watching Netflix's Iron Fist, it is revealed that The Hand is no longer interested in governments, but wants to control the world through corporations as they managed to infiltrate Rand Industries. She may be a pivotal role in taking down The Hand with Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones.

4. Maureen Raven

Maureen Raven [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Maureen Raven [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Every Netflix series, there's always an exciting character that is introduced. Daredevil introduced Elektra. Luke Cage got Misty Knight. Jessica Jones got to run around with the future Hellcat. In Jessica Jones, I'm thinking they may work in a mysterious government-type person. And why not an agent from England? That's why I will toss Maureen Raven into the ring. She works for MI:13, a fictional branch of British intelligenc. She also has the ability to to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others.

5. Jessica Jones' Mom

My money is that Janet McTeer will play the mother of . We learn that her mom survived the car crash where Jessica got her powers. This makes sense considering the description of her character, again, says that McTeer's character would have an "enormous impact" on Jessica and her life. What better way to create drama than bring back a character that the audience presumes is dead?

Be sure to check out Jessica in the upcoming Netflix series, !

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Which character do you think they have Janet McTeer signed up for?


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