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I think it's safe to say Japan does things differently. In fact, I even think it's safe to say Japan does things just plain weirdly.

Take for example these Japanese promotional leaflets for Riddick (renamed, Riddick: Galaxy Battle in Japan). Despite releasing in the US nearly 6 months ago, Riddick is only now beginning to show in Japan.

In order to advertise the film some bright spark has decided to crossover the famous space-faring bad-ass with Cobra — a space pirate drawn from Japanese anime. Yeah, I'm not sure I get it either. The result is some fairly disgusting posters and comic strips. Check them out below:

Although Cobra the space pirate is apparently getting his own film adaptation, it looks like Riddick might be better off going alone.

Vin Diesel recently announced that he would returning to space in order bring us Riddick 4. It seems Universal were pleased with the box office and home sales results and have contacted the action star to begin production on another sequel.

Here's just hoping Cobra doesn't also invade the Riddick 4 storyline...

Anyway, what do you think? Would you actually like to see Cobra in Riddick 4? I mean, the answer is obvious but I've asked it anyway.

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