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Love Jar Jar or hate him, you definitely wanted a proper send-off for your favorite Gungan. The politician has faced much hostility from the Star Wars fandom for his role in the rise of the Galactic Empire, but more so because his character represented everything that people hated about George Lucas's new trilogy. With fans and critics failing to connect with the amphibian and many accusing the Lucas of racism, it's fair to say that Jar Jar wasn't exactly the MVP of the Star Wars prequels. But there was another very important reason why the character was so disliked: Jar Jar Binks was simply annoying as fuck.

And so, fans certainly had somethings to say when Chuck Wendig's novel Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End finally revealed the fate of Jar Jar Binks.

Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End is set between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. In the book, it is revealed that Jar Jar has become a clown, reduced to dancing on the streets and begging for money. As it turns out, not everyone celebrated Jar Jar for his complacency in the days leading up to Order 66, with many blaming the politician for Palpatine's rise to power, and the Republic's transformation into the evil Empire. Jar Jar's turn as a clown may perhaps be the author's clever way of acknowledging just how big of a joke the character has become in pop culture.

Speaking to the The Star Wars Show, author Chuck Wendig talked about the polarizing response to the big Jar Jar reveal:

"Everybody reads that chapter differently. Some people look at it and they're like, 'What a beautiful thing you've done,' and some people think, 'You didn't punish him enough' or 'I loved how you hurt him' and I was like, no! I just wanted it to be an authentic, earnest look at the world of Jar Jar."

Given that the character is so widely hated in pop culture, it certainly makes sense why many fans would want a grisly death for this character — but Jar Jar becoming a clown seems like poetic justice, an ironically cruel twist for a character George Lucas intended to be an endearing and prominent part of the Star Wars prequels.

What's your take on Jar Jar's fate? Make sure to drop me a line below.

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