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With the ever-evolving nature of online streaming services, tech companies are beginning to seek the guidance from seasoned veterans of the entertainment industry that they've so successfully disrupted. And now the online streaming service Fandor has hired Academy Award winner to serve as Chief Creative Officer.

Unlike other streaming sites like and , Fandor is a database for independent films, international films and documentaries. As part of the deal, Fandor will merge with Leto's existing company VyRT — an on-demand streaming site that he founded in 2011.

Leto had this to say about joining the Fandor team:

"As a longtime Fandor subscriber, I developed a special appreciation for their distinctive programming and recommendation engine. Specifically, the 'human element' that sets Fandor apart from so many other services in this space, most of which are purely algorithmic. With my involvement in the broadcasting and social platform business for over five years with my company, VyRT, I'm very much looking forward to this collaboration and know I can bring a unique perspective [to it].”

Leto's experimentation with streaming on-demand video content on VyRT has mostly involved his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars (as well as other artists), but it has also featured two full documentary series that he produced and directed. In addition to documentary series, Leto has also given viewers acoustic concert sessions, cooking shows, concerts that were streamed in live-time, and his award-winning documentary film, Artifact. VyRT has proven to be a success not only in terms of creating an audience, but it also proved that patrons are willing to pay for quality streaming content.

It's already been confirmed that Leto will host a live-streaming event sometime in 2017, as well as contributing original programming of his own. He has also announced via social media that he's working on a second season of his documentary series, Beyond the Horizon, so it's very possible that the series will be moving from AOL to Fandor.

Fandor is currently operated as a subscription service that features both films and articles. It houses over 6,000 independent films (some award-winning) from across the globe. The site was recently revamped and is aggressively working on expanding its content base.

No matter what changes are coming, Leto's involvement and direction will undoubtedly bring some big changes (and star power) to this up and coming streaming service.

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