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Sony Pictures has began looking into actors to star in the upcoming adaptation of the comic book series, Bloodshot, which is part of a package of films in development based on comics from Valiant. The studio has a rather wide variety of stars in Hollywood to choose from, but in a surprising turn the top choice for a lead role is reportedly Jared Leto.

According to Deadline, Sony is courting Leto for a multi-film deal which would cast him as the lead protagonist, Angelo Mortalli. In the Bloodshot series, Mortalli is a ruthless killer who enters Witness Protection after he's framed for murder by the mob. After being betrayed by the FBI, he is injected with microscopic computers and turned into a weapon with superhuman strength and healing powers.

Aside from Leto's potential involvement, Bloodshot already has Dave Wilson on board to direct (partnered with Deadpool's Tim Miller) with Neal Moritz to produce. Also on board to produce are Toby Jaffe, Dinesh Shamdasani, Jason Kothari, and director .

Sony acquired the rights to the series back in 2012 and plans to have Bloodshot serve as the second film in a five-picture deal. The first in the series is said to be , with both stories ultimately coming together for a conclusion in The Harbinger Wars. However, there will be sequels for both Harbinger and Bloodshot before we see the conclusion. If Sony and Leto come together, it could be the beginning of a powerful franchise for both of them.

'Bloodshot' [Credit: Valiant]
'Bloodshot' [Credit: Valiant]

Leto is no stranger to to the comic book genre as he previously appeared as in the DC Comics film, Suicide Squad. He's also perhaps one of the busiest actors in Hollywood right now. In addition to projects such as an Andy Warhol biopic, rumored involvement in a new Tron film with Disney, and directing the crime-thriller 77, he is set to release the fifth studio album with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, later this year.

We also can't forget he was recently hired by the streaming site Fandor as Chief Creative Officer and that he's partnered with Jerrick Media for the online sci-fi magazine, Omni.

There's no telling when (or how) Bloodshot will fit into his schedule, or if this will put his duties as the Joker in jeopardy. As it stands right now, Leto's future as the Clown Prince of Crime is unknown because he not been officially announced for any future DCEU releases. This deal with Sony could be a not-so-subtle way of announcing he's done with the , but only time will tell.

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(Source: Deadline)


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