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What things do you like to give as gifts to your co-workers? Pens? Passive-aggressive post-it notes? Cups of poorly made tea? Well, none of that is quite Hollywood enough for Jared Leto, who was rumored to have given gifts to Suicide Squad co-stars of rats, bullets, a hog, anal beads, and used condoms.

I Can't Wait To Show You My Toys

Jared Leto has struck out at rumors that he sent anal beads and used condoms to Suicide Squad co-stars whilst "method acting" as the Joker. Leto is known for enveloping himself in his roles, but this was probably going a bit far. The rumors began when co-star Joel Kinnaman mentioned that Leto had previously sent him some used condoms, a couple of dildos and a string of anal beads whilst filming the movie. Director David Ayer later clarified that they were not used condoms, but merely removed from their packets — 'cause that's better.

Now Leto is denying it ever happened, used or not. Here he is talking about how untrue it was, claiming that he instead gave wrap gifts to the cast such as porn magazines, gifts that were "absurd and outrageous", but that he didn't purchase them himself.

"There were some things that were mentioned about gifts and the fact that I was giving used condoms to people, which was not true. It was not true...Some of the stuff that you do can go viral or get written about. Especially with the Joker, some of that stuff just took on a life of its own. And most of it was total bullshit."

Leto sounds almost hurt that his gift giving could have been taken out of context and exploited as a strange and unnerving act — saying it was in good fun and light-hearted and "everything that it should have been."

All Of That Chit-Chat's Gonna Get You Hurt

But, and here's the weird bit, Leto had previously bragged about doing exactly that. On the red carpet before the release of Suicide Squad, Leto had joked about the presents he had given to co-stars, including anal beads — and yes, the used condoms.

Come on Leto, what is it? Either he is trolling us good or trying to backtrack on a previous slip-up about some seriously dodgy gift-giving. Also kind of weird when your co-stars and director are saying this weirdness went down.

Whatever really happened, just be glad you are not on Leto's Christmas list.


Are used condoms and anal beads acceptable gifts from the Joker?

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