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Earlier this year, we learned that either a soft reboot or continuation of the franchise was in the works at Disney. The unofficial announcement came two years after fans thought the franchise was dead when the studio pulled the plug on a Tron: Legacy follow-up. But despite a lackluster response to Tron: Legacy, a revival of the franchise (once again) proved to be a success in 2016 when a Tron-themed rollercoaster debuted in the most recent Disney theme park in Shanghai, China. It seems that Disney quickly realized the interest is still big among fans, and one of those fans happens to be an Academy Award winning actor.

When the rumors initially dropped, the only name already attached to the project was actor-musician . While it remained unclear whether or not the studio is moving forward off the back of Tron: Legacy, it was reported that Leto would star in the film as a brand new character named Ares and that he'd also serve as a producer. According to mythology, Ares is the God of War so it might be a subtle hint that Leto is attached to play a villain, perhaps similar to the Master Control Program or Clu.

With that said, there's now yet another wave of doubt regarding if another revival is actually going to happen. It's now been five months and we haven't heard anything from Disney regarding the Tron franchise, with or without Leto. A lot of fans were hoping Disney would announce something at the 2017 D23 Expo, but unfortunately that's not the way the cookie crumbled.

Even so, the project doesn't seem to be dead in the mind of Leto. This past week he took the opportunity to expand on his excitement (and desire) to move forward with Tron while promoting his latest film, .

"For me, when I was a kid, it was 'Blade Runner', it was 'Tron', it was 'The Shining'. It was these kind of elevated genre movies really blew my mind, as well as films like 'Clockwork Orange' and Scorsese [movies] and the early work of Brian De Palma.

But 'Tron' is another one that I feel like is a world that we’re not done with yet. There’s so much more to explore and to see there. I would absolutely love to expand upon the world of 'Tron' and see what we could do to bring that to life."

If is still serious about moving forward with Leto and his production company, Paradox, the studio would be continuing its trend of choosing unconventional actors and directors, and trusting their visions. They'd also be wise to do it while he is still riding the wave of his Oscar win. After all, Leto was just announced to be taking on the role of the late Hugh Hefner in a new biopic, and he is supposedly returning for multiple installments of the . We also can't forget that his band Thirty Seconds to Mars just released a new single, which quickly became the theme song for ESPN's 2017-2018 college football coverage.

The bottom line is, Leto is in demand and he's definitely playing on his strengths when it comes to involving himself in projects that he's passionate about. While initially a lot of fans weren't too thrilled with his name being attached to a sci-fi franchise, it's possible that people might be more comfortable with the idea after seeing his character in Blade Runner 2049.

Director has been singing Leto's praises regarding their work together on Blade Runner 2049, and the critical response to his character Niander Wallace has (so far) been nothing but positive. If he can bring that same intensity and dedication to the Tron franchise, I think we'd be in for a real treat.

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