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After enduring a critical backlash more fierce than Harley Quinn's eyeliner, Suicide Squad ultimately had the last laugh, surprising us all by winning an Oscar for Best Make-Up and Hairstyling at this year's Academy Awards. While Killer Croc's scaly prosthetics undoubtedly helped secure that win, a closer look behind the scenes revealed that Jared Leto's Joker also played an important role.

Among the various photos used to inspire 's look, one in particular features a K-Pop singer from Korea's most famous boy band, BigBang. The group have set a number of fashion trends over the past decade in their native country and beyond, so it makes sense that member T.O.P. could have provided some inspiration for the Oscar winning makeup team who worked on Suicide Squad.

T.O.P. [Credit: YG Entertainment]
T.O.P. [Credit: YG Entertainment]

It's not uncommon for T.O.P. and his fellow bandmates to promote their music with off-kilter looks that could have been torn straight out of a comic book. However, it's likely that the team behind Suicide Squad first noticed the rapper thanks to his appearance in the group's music video for 'Bae Bae', which featured T.O.P. clad in a familiar looking purple jacket...

Released back in April 30, 2015, this promo may have helped inspire the makeup squad tasked with devising Jared Leto's Joker, encouraging them to study T.O.P.'s style in more depth.

Don't like BigBang's music? Maybe The Joker's own music is more up your street:

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While it's clear that Suicide Squad's styling team are fans of BigBang, himself has also revealed his love of K-Pop, featuring stars such as TWICE, JYJ‘s Jaejoong, and EXO‘s Sehun on his Snapchat late last year.

Is there a chance that more Korean singers could influence Leto's future take on the role? After all, it does look like the Clown Prince of Crime could return to the DCEU soon. It just depends whether Mel Gibson would consider bringing Jared back or whether he would rather hire someone completely new for the role. Either way, The Joker's return to our screens is sure to cause more hearts to flutter than a thousand BigBang concerts.


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(Sources — Korea Boo. Poll Image Credit: Warner Bros.)


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