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Now, 's approach to playing in 's may not have been the most conventional — it's arguably quicker to list the weird, deeply inappropriate things he didn't send to his cast-mates — but that doesn't mean that he's not just as invested in the film's recently released Extended Edition as everyone else.

Now, sure, it's entirely possible that he's set to receive a tiny share of the profits from the release, and sure, he may well be contractually obliged to share images from the movie in a promotional fashion, but even so...

Jared Leto Just Posted A Never Before Seen Suicide Squad Pic

And, well, it's actually pretty neat. True, it's really more an alternate angle of a scene we've already seen between The Joker and , but it's still an angle that we wouldn't have seen without Leto's (possible contractually obligated) social media generosity, so it's definitely one for the win column.

Of course, with this being Jared Leto, it's still entirely possible that tomorrow will bring a courier to each and every one of our doorsteps, laden with more boxes of dismembered small mammals than seems entirely plausible. Alternatively, his Instagram feed may suddenly reveal that he's somehow been appointed Secretary of Agriculture in Donald Trump's administration, and that he's retiring from the acting biz as a result. Or, y'know, he might just post another picture of himself dressed up as The Joker.

This is Jared Leto we're talking about, though, so it's a tough one to call. Either way, the Suicide Squad Extended Cut is available on VOD now, and will be out on Blu-ray on December 13. The small mammals may take 8–10 business days to arrive, however.

Still want more on Jared Leto's particular brand of eccentricity? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

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In the meantime, though, what do you think? Does Leto's latest Instagram post make you want to watch the Suicide Squad Extended Cut? Let us know below!


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