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Jared Leto is always full of surprises and you never know what he's going to do next. So when the Suicide Squad star was interviewed by GQ Style and discussed his important friendship with none other than Kanye West, we were a little shocked to say the least. The men's magazine tried to get Leto to wade in on the Taylor Swift vs. Kimye debate, but the Hollywood star stayed loyal to his buddy and had this to say on the matter:

"[Kanye's] a friend and has always been. Kanye has always been the nicest person to me, kind and generous. I think he’s a talent, and I really appreciate his ability to speak his mind. I’m very different. I’m very careful and cautious because I don’t want to deal with the other things that come along with speaking out like that."

How we missed this unlikely friendship is beyond me, but it's cool to see Jared standing up for Kanye and sticking by him. We can't imagine what this bizarre duo get up to when they are hanging out, possible basking in each other's awesomeness? Jared even covered one of the rapper's songs with his band, 30 Seconds To Mars:

It's not just Kanye and Jared that have surprised us, there's a whole load of celebs who make friends with the most unusual people. Check out some of the weirdest BFFs below:

1. Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg

Yep, that's right Martha Stewart, queen of hosting is down with Snoop Dogg, so much so they have started their own TV program together. Potluck Dinner will see the twosome mixing things up in the kitchen. God knows what they might cook? We're guessing "special" brownies might be on the menu. Perhaps they'll swap prison stories live on air? All I know is, this is one not to miss.

2. 50 Cent And Bette Midler

The Candy Shop rapper teamed up with the diva, Bette Midler for a restoration project that saw the renovation of a community garden in NYC. The two hit it off after working together on something close to both of their hearts and apparently remain good friends.

3. Rihanna And Jim Parsons

After meeting in the recording studio for Home, The Big Bang nerd buddied up with the Barbadian beauty. Their back and forth in the interview is incredibly sweet. I personally think Jim needs to appear in RiRi's next music video as Sheldon. A girl can dream, right?

4. Helen Mirren And Vin Diesel

This really happened. Yes, the Oscar winning Brit begged the bad-ass Yank for a role in the next Fast installment. Vin gladly granted her majesty's wishes and cast her in Fast 8. Since then they've become the best of friends. We cannot wait for Helen to kick some ass and bring a bit of class to the movie.

5. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un

This one blows my freaking mind. The cross-dressing basketball player, Dennis Rodman hangs with Kim, the communist party leader. What do they talk about? This friendship has confused so many people it's been parodied all over the internet.

6. Snooki and John McCain

The reality star and senator bonded over tanning beds, of all things. The unlikely duo hit it off over Twitter and John even asked Snooki to be his Vice President if he got into office. Now, there's a political time-bomb waiting to happen.

7. Lady Gaga And Julian Assange

This chance meeting of the pop star and computer programer was definitely one of the weirdest on the list. Gaga was in Harrods, which is situated next to the Ecuadorian embassy, where Assange is hiding out, when M.I.A tweeted the Gypsy singer inviting her over for tea with Julian. Reports suggest Lady Gaga spent many hours with him, talking over drinks. I suppose a visit from anyone is appreciated when you've been locked in a building for years on end. Plus, the paparazzi went wild for this mysterious encounter.

Friendship, it seems comes in all shapes and sizes and we think it's super cool that these celebs have paired off and created some of the weirdest duos ever.


Which is the strangest celebrity duo?

(Sources: GQ Style)


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