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Jared Leto continues to cement his status as one of the biggest teases on Snapchat. During the production of , the Oscar-winning actor continuously teased his Joker look as well as teasing the fan favorite The Killing Joke story arc. Now, almost six months since the release of Suicide Squad, he is teasing the Joker again.

A Series of Cryptic Teases

The cover of The Killing Joke, straight from Jared Leto's Snapchat
The cover of The Killing Joke, straight from Jared Leto's Snapchat

Recently, posted the cover of Alan Moore's critically-acclaimed storyline The Killing Joke on his personal Snapchat account. This is the first time Leto has posted anything Joker-related on his Snapchat since the filming of Suicide Squad when he posted a photo of his green hair.

After seeing this tease on Snapchat, the first thought I had was that we are most likely getting a live action adaptation of The Killing Joke. Then Leto posted another cryptic image on his account that possibly dismisses a popular theory about the DCEU's Joker and .

A flashy tooth, courtesy of Jared Leto's Snapchat account
A flashy tooth, courtesy of Jared Leto's Snapchat account

Jared Leto, after teasing his reprisal of the Joker, posts a photo of a flashy Gucci tooth. As we have seen in Suicide Squad, Leto's has had his teeth knocked out. Now the rumor is that Batman knocked out Joker's teeth after he murdered Robin, but posting the image straight after teasing The Killing Joke seems to suggest otherwise.

Will The Story Be Revealed In Gotham City Sirens?

The tease of suggests that he actually lost his teeth during the events of that storyline. This could suggest that Jared Leto will be appearing in an upcoming DCEU film, one that will no doubt give some backstory to the Joker. The question is: which one might it be?

The go-to answer would be Ben Affleck's , but considering Deathstroke has been confirmed as the villain for the film, an appearance from the Joker - and a subsequent backstory - would seem out of place.

The logical answer is the recently announced Gotham City Sirens. My reasons for believing that Joker's backstory will be explained in Sirens is due to the possible appearance of Barbara Gordon's Oracle. Oracle, while not appearing in the original Sirens storyline, is a longtime member of the Birds of Prey, a team of superheroines whose roster includes the likes of Black Canary, Huntress and Catwoman.

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Oracle's appearance in is highly likely, and if she does appear then it's highly probable we'll get a retelling of The Killing Joke and her metamorphosis from Batgirl to Oracle via flashbacks, much like how the Squad's origins were told through flashbacks in Suicide Squad. Let's hope she does show up, because Oracle is one of the coolest DC characters ever but has sadly not been used in live-action aside from a stint in the short-lived Birds of Prey series.

It is a bold move for to attempt to adapt The Killing Joke once again after the R-rated animated adaptation was released earlier last year. The film sparked a lot of controversy for showcasing a weirdly disturbing Batman/Batgirl sex scene, but we can only hope that the DCEU can learn from that mistake.


Are you looking forward to the return of Jared Leto's Joker?


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