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If you are the type of person who follows celebrities on their various social media accounts, you no doubt are aware of the bizarre things you might see at times. Whether it's memes, personal pictures or "behind the scenes" photos from film and television locations, there's no question that following celebrities can be a bit revealing at times.

One of the more popular (and silly) celebrities on social media, Oscar-winner Jared Leto, has raised some eyebrows recently with his abundance of cryptic posts on . Leto is currently in Japan filming the upcoming crime-thriller, The Outsider, and recording his band's fifth studio album. However, his most recent Snapchat story has a lot of people wondering: what on Earth happened to his fingers?!

Well, fear not, because there is actually a reasonable explanation for what has been making his stories a little more cryptic than usual.

What Is 'The Outsider' About?

The Outsider is a story set in post-WWII Japan. Leto plays a U.S. Army deserter, Nick Lowell, who has been imprisoned since the war. After Lowell is freed, he joins the Yakuza in an attempt to repay a debt of gratitude he feels that he owes his cellmate and the family who bought his freedom. After joining the organization, Lowell further infiltrates the world of crime, and his loyalty is put to the test when a war breaks out within the organization.

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This film serves as just the second choice that Leto has made since winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2014 for Dallas Buyers Club (with the first being Suicide Squad). Filming for The Outsider began in Tokyo this past October, just six months after signing on to replace Tom Hardy in the lead role. This also isn't Leto's first stab at the criminal world as he's previously appeared in crime-thrillers such as Lonely Hearts, Lord of War and Chapter 27. The film currently has no release date, but it's expected to hit theaters sometime in late-2017.

So Wait, Why Exactly Is Jared Leto Missing Fingers?

Let's all just take a collective breath and calm down because his fingers are still fully intact. The so-called removal of Leto's fingers (no pun intended) hints at nothing more than an old-time ritual in Japan that is obviously being utilized in the film. Yubitsume is a ritual where a portion of an individual's fingers are removed as punishment for a serious offense, or simply as an apology to another individual. In the Japanese language, Yubitsume is referred to as "yubi o tobasu" — roughly translated as "finger flying."

The ritual calls for a small, clean cloth to be laid down to capture the portions of the fingers being removed by the individual. The individual then wraps the severed portions of the fingers in the cloth and presents the gift to the boss or godfather. Within the Yakuza, the individual responsible for the offense is referred to as the "living finger," while the one directly responsible for them is the "dead finger."

The abundance of Snapchat stories that Jared Leto has posted since filming began in October strongly hint towards this ritual being performed by his character, Nick Lowell. Removing the tips of your pinky and ring finger doesn't often just randomly happen. The intensity of the plot (and Leto's film history of disfigurement and death) does also suggest that his character suffers quite a bit of physical torture throughout the course of The Outsider.

Final Thoughts?

Basically, we should not be worried about the random and seemingly bizarre things is posting on social media. He was not in some freak accident, nor was he injured while rock climbing or hiking. His music career with Thirty Seconds to Mars is not over either, as he is simultaneously recording the band's fifth studio album while filming in Japan. All of his injuries are for a movie — and what an intense movie The Outsider will prove to be.

In addition to The Outsider, we will see Leto in Blade Runner 2049 in October 2017, as well as the announced Andy Warhol biopic where he will play the title role. The only question is whether he will reprise his role of in the . It's rumored that Leto will return for a sequel or for (or both), but only time will tell.

Does the plot for 'The Outsider' interest you? Let us know in the comments!


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