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This is a call to arms, Echelon! Mars is coming.

Although fans of Thirty Seconds to Mars have been eagerly awaiting new music from and his bandmates, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic, the rest of the non-Echelon world is still catching up. The band had previously released two teasers (including one in August 2016) regarding the announced 2017 release of their fifth studio album, but with the band currently on tour with the high-profile British rock group, Muse, the teasing has kicked into overdrive.

After the tour's stop in Austin, Texas, Leto took to social media to post a new, 20-second teaser for the upcoming album — a tease that included him walking through a parking lot wearing a jeweled, Gucci face mask previously worn by .

Although we still don't have a title or a release date for the album, the band's continuous promise of "coming soon" remains to be the key bit of information. The previous "Mars is coming" teaser came when Leto and the team on his social platform, VyRT, surprised future Camp Mars attendees in March. The teaser focused on the recording process that took place while Leto was on location in Japan filming the upcoming Netflix original film, The Outsider. It also featured what is assumed to be instrumental music from the new album.

Many people were skeptical if the Summer 2017 tour announcement with Muse meant that the album would be arriving sooner than expected, and that we'd be hearing at least a new single on the tour. Others felt that the tour was a warm-up to get Thirty Seconds to Mars back on the radar before the album release. Either way you want to look at it, the tour is already halfway through and we still haven't heard new songs.

However, Leto and his crew have been very gracious in sharing what is happening on the tour via social media. If you're not following the band's social media accounts @30SECONDSTOMARS, you have definitely been missing out not only on the album teases (and Leto's eccentric outfits), but basically going on tour with them while still sitting at home. Even without new songs to jam out to (yet), that in itself is something special as it's not something every band does.

We also can't forget that the latest announcement for new Camp Mars packages in May came with the phrase, "[C]ome experience new music in style." Could it be that we won't hear new music until Camp Mars in mid-August? Only time will tell, but for me personally, I like those odds.

[Update] To add more excitement, Interscope Records has joined the bandwagon of teasing fans over new Thirty Seconds to Mars music. The label posted some memories from the Summer 2017 tour w/ Muse to remind everyone (once again) that .


What is your favorite Thirty Seconds to Mars album (so far)?


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