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It seems that we need to talk about The Joker. Y'see, while The Joker and Batman's comic book rivalry remains the stuff of fevered nerd dreams the world over, and Heath Ledger's take on the Clown Prince of Crime in The Dark Knight is still widely considered the high water mark of superhero cinema, the villain's latest on-screen incarnation — as played by — is currently lacking one key element: He hasn't actually faced off against .

Now, sure, there was that car chase at the beginning of , and a whole lot of implied history along with it, but as of right now, we've gone a whole three movies without seeing properly face off against Batman, and look set to go at least two more before anything remotely like that takes place on screen. Which, for many fans, is far, far too long a time to go without seeing one of the world's greatest rivalries resume. It's perhaps fortunate, then, that:

Jared Leto Is Now Teasing A Batman/Joker Face-Off, Just Because

That, at least, is the most obvious interpretation of the Instagram post above, in which Leto's Joker holds a knife against the throat of 's take on the Dark Knight.

Of course, since the piece is seemingly a piece of fan art, as opposed to, say, an official production still, it seems far more likely to be an elaborate tease on Leto's part than an actual hint of what's to come. And yet, if you metaphorically squint just right, you can almost imagine that the post reflects something in the real world — say, for instance, an early draft of the script for having landed on Leto's desk, featuring some sort of moderately comparable face-off scene between The Joker and Batman.

Or, y'know, Leto could just be screwing with us. Fortunately, however, it's a cool image either way, so things could be much, much worse.

What do you think, though? Do you think Leto is teasing something specific, or just winding us up? Let us know below!


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