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The latest installment has brought in $435.2 million (so far) at the box office, with critics and fans calling it the best DCEU movie yet. And now the DCEU's own Joker is the latest celebrity to praise director Patty Jenkins and .

Suicide Squad actor recently took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the film after he took his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars — and the entire touring crew — to see the superheroine film.

It's pretty safe to say Leto enjoyed it as he had this to say in response to the movie:

Took the entire @30secondstomars CREW to last night!!! Loved the movie. Loved the actors. Loved everything about it. And @gal_gadot was perfect. Great work, congrats and thx to team and @warnerbrosentertainment.

ps. When I was a kid I used to watch the og tv series religiously.

There don't seem to be any barriers regarding Marvel vs. DC in regards to recognizing how great Wonder Woman is as it has received praise from other Hollywood stars such as Mark Ruffalo, James Gunn, Chris Hemsworth and more. However, the praise coming directly from Leto on his personal social media account definitely shows that the DCEU family is sticking together.

After all, we very well might see The Joker come face-to-face with Diana Prince sometime in the future.

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