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There seems to be only three types of shows on television nowadays. Supernatural shows, cop shows and supernatural cop shows. Gone are the days when we were happy to watch the CSI guys solve a murder using blood splatter analysis and bullet fragment identification. Now we want monsters, serial-killer-detectives and unusual mental abilities. It looks like the upcoming Second Sight falls into this last category.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the CBS drama has just managed to sign up its lead man with My Name Is Earl's' . This won't be the first time he's vowed to protect and serve. He was also the former star of TNT's Memphis Beat. However, from the looks of things, his new role will be quite different.

Second Sight, which is based on a UK series of the same name, is a gothic psychological thriller which resolves around the work of Detective Ross Tanner (played by Lee). Tanner was just a normal New Orleans cop until a rare ocular disorder gives him horrifying and disturbing anxiety dreams and hallucinations. Instead of urging treatment, his doctor encourages Tanner to see this condition as a visual portal to his subconscious. Now armed with this unique ability, Tanner returns to the police to solve crimes using his amazing powers of insight.

Although the story might sound a bit patchy, it's got some serious writing pedigree behind it. Homeland's Michael Cuesta will pen the drama along with his brother Gerald Cuesta. Michael is also down to direct, while both will exec produce together. Hmm, this news has increased my optimism — slightly.

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