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The Crow comics have a long history of adaptations, including novels, a TV series and several films that started with the 1994 version starring Brandon Lee. But the reboot directed by Colin Hardy, which has been rumored for years, hasn't been so easy to kick off. Between the director leaving and joining the project again and a whole roster of candidates for the main role, things didn't get better when the production company, Relativity Media, filed for bankruptcy in summer 2015.

But just like Eric himself, the reboot has come back to life, with The Wrap reporting that a filming date had finally been set. The movie will reportedly start production in January 2017 with Jason Momoa as the title character.

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The Crow Is A Dark, Violent Revenge Story

Caliber Press
Caliber Press

If you're not familiar with the setting of The Crow, the story is quite simple: A young man named Eric and his fiancée, Shelly, are brutally murdered by a street gang. But a crow resurrects Eric, and he sets out on a blood-tainted journey to avenge the death of his beloved.

Written by James O'Barr and first published in 1989 at Caliber Comics, the story was actually the author's way of coping with the death of his girlfriend in a car accident. It's a dark and vicious tale that seems to come to Hollywood at the right time, seeing as R-rated comic book adaptations are gaining a newfound popularity.

Jason Momoa's A Busy Man

For those who've been following the development peril of the reboot, you might still find it hard to believe that the movie is happening. Hopefully, this picture posted by Jason Momoa, shaking hands with director Hardy and captioned with the hashtag , should put any remaining doubts to bed.

He might not be active on Game of Thrones anymore, but Momoa is handling an impressive schedule: The production dates for The Crow will fit the project right in between the upcoming Justice League, for which we already got a teaser trailer at this year's Comic-Con, and the solo Aquaman movie starring Momoa planned for 2018.

For a complete rollout of Momoa's upcoming projects, head over here.

The Reboot Is Creator-Approved

One of the reasons the new Crow movie wasn't totally buried, despite awful development conditions, might be that the creator of the original comics gave the project a full thumbs-up. At last year's Twin Tiers Comic Con, James O'Barr insisted that this adaptation would ignore all previous versions and be based purely on the books.

"The new movie is not a remake of the Brandon Lee film. It's going right back to the book; it's like a literal page-for-page adaption of the book."

He appeared very happy with the direction the project was taking:

"The director's not making any big decisions without talking to me. He's incredibly talented and he's a huge fan of the book. So it's going to be good, it's going to be really good."

It seems like the time it took to get the movie running has actually paid off!

Are you looking forward to the adaptation of The Crow? Have you seen the 1994 movie?

[Source: The Wrap]


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