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It’s been a busy summer for Jason Momoa. Firstly he started shooting Justice League with Zack Snyder, where he’ll be bringing the retro Aquaman into the 21st century; then it was announced that he'll be breathing new life into the iconic anti-hero the Crow in what looks to be an epic remake. On top of that, he will also be starring in Netflix's new show Frontier, in which he'll play an “ambitious, confident, charismatic, and untamed man with a reputation for being a ruthless trader, driven by lust and revenge.”

But on top of it all, the Game of Thrones fandom was sent into a bit of a frenzy yesterday when Momoa posted a photo at the Guinness factory in Dublin, sharing a pint with the showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss. Fans immediately speculated about a return of his character, Khal Drogo, who was killed off in Season 1 and is currently riding with the Great Stallion in the Sky. Was it just an innocent drink, or are they plotting a return for the muscle-bound horse lord?

Check out the rumor-inducing photo below before heading on to five different ways (ranging from the downright tongue-in-cheek to the slightly possible) we could see Drogo again in Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Disclaimer: These suggestions are made in jest, if you like your 'Game of Thrones' as serious as the winds of winter, do not read on.

1. Khal Drogo Resurrected - Probability 30%

In the GoT universe, a lot of characters are beheaded, eviscerated, choked, hung, poisoned and killed in lots of different ways. Before Jon Snow, resurrection was unheard of and a lot of fans had a hard time accepting his return. The idea that any character could go permanently at any minute is what gives the show its edge. Could Khal Drogo have the same luck as Jon Snow and be brought back with blood magic or Melisandre's touch?

Let's hope that doesn't happen; Jon Snow was brought back shortly after his assassination, Khal Drogo met his maker back in Season 1 and his body was burned to boot. If he were to be brought back, lord knows it would not look pretty. I think even GoT would have a hard time getting that ashy, half-decomposed mess past HBO. Also, would he try and win back Khaleesi's heart in that state?

See also:

2. Khal Drogo As A White Walker - Probability 20%

If he's not resurrected in his previous form, he could also potentially come back as a White Walker and join the White Legion of Death. Although for that to happen they would have to make it all the way across the Narrow Sea to Essos and revive his corpse. Maybe they could even fuse him with one of their horses to make his dream of becoming an icy centaur a reality?

Fan art by Levicopter
Fan art by Levicopter

3. Reincarnated As A Baby? Probability: Not A Snowball's Chance In Dorn

One of the most valuable lessons the characters learn on GoT is that history always repeats itself — unless you learn from your mistakes. Daenerys is constantly reminded of this by Tyrion when she starts going overboard. Maybe, somehow, the spirit of Khal Drogo could be summoned and transplanted into a baby infant that Khaleesi gives birth to, immaculate conception-style? This would cement her position with the Dothraki and also provide lots of juicy Freudian storylines further down the road.

The Mother of Dragons and The Horse That Mounts The World?
The Mother of Dragons and The Horse That Mounts The World?

4. Khal Drogo's Secret, Evil Twin, Tim Drogo? Probability: Anything Is Possible

Hear me out, Khal Drogo was separated from his twin brother at birth as the Dothraki saw that they needed to remove the evil baby to stop him from destroying their civilization. The nefarious Tim grew up in captivity, in the remote mountains on the edge of Essos, waiting for his moment to claim the entire kingdom for himself.

Check out a teaser trailer for the new season below:

5. Time-Travel/Flashback Storyline - Probability: Actually, It Could Happen!

In the previous season, the writers started getting creative with timelines as we saw the past and the present (and maybe the future) crash into each other when Bran trained with the Three-Eyed Raven. We saw glimpses of the mad king Aerys II and flashbacks to Ned Stark's youth, so it's not that far-fetched to imagine Khal Drogo returning in the form of a flashback to shine some more light on Khaleesi's past.

Check out a breakdown of how the GoT universe is created below:

The internet is ablaze with speculation, wondering how and if Momoa will return to the show. Maisie Williams has said she was able to read parts of the script for the upcoming season and she says:

So frankly, who knows. Anything can happen now that the show has surpassed the books. Season 7 might be marked by the brutal domination of Tim Drogo.

How would you like to see Khal Drogo reintroduced to Westeros?

(Like the fan art featured in the article? Check out Levicopter's website here.)


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