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If there's ever a How I Met Your Mother reunion — and let's face it, it'd be bankable as hell if there was — then Jason Segel is READY. After a long run as the lovably goofy Marshall Eriksen, Segel still feels a lot of love for the show that "changed his life," telling THR that he'd be delighted to take part in more How I Met Your Mother projects:

"I’d be around for whatever those guys wanted to do. It changed my life."

Yes, Jason, Possum Rex changed a lot of people's lives...

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Segel has great respect for the team behind How I Met Your Mother, saying that he would follow whatever direction the writers chose for further HIMYM episodes:

"I would leave that to the writers. One of the great things about my relationship to that show is I never got involved in the writing, I just tried to execute what these brilliant writers did, so I would leave that to them, as usual."

Did you like the ending of How I Met Your Mother or do you feel that more is needed to round off the long-running, well-loved show? Maybe you liked the ending and just want more HIMYM anyway — let us know below!


Should there be a 'How I Met Your Mother' reunion episode / movie / project?

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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