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Matt Carter

lived up to his tough guy image during filming on The Expendables 3, after it emerged that the British action hero had a near death experience on set. Fellow Expendable was as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he talked about the Stath driving a truck into the Black Sea, causing Crews to lose his [email protected]&t.


True story: This morning on the way to work I fell off my bike and landed in a puddle, so I'm basically as badass as Jason Statham. Crews also deserves much respect for rocking an Oompa Loompa suit but still looking like the coolest guy in the room. Great work all round.

In case you missed it, I heartily recommend you check out the photo of and his lethal weapons on set. That guy got seriously jacked.

The Expendables 3 lands in theaters August 15, 2014.



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