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So far, the fourth season of The Flash has been full of unforgettable moments. From shocking us with Barry Allen's return from the Speed Force to teasing us with the season's biggest villain, it's safe to say that the show has indeed returned to form.

But aside from all that, two of the things we were most excited for were the introductions of two huge characters: DC superhero Elongated Man and Gypsy's father Breacher, portrayed by film veteran Danny Trejo. So, it's easy to see why we were so happy to discover that they would both be debuting in the same episode.

Featuring the highly-anticipated first appearances of both characters, and thrilling us with plenty more incredible moments, let's take a look at the most shocking scenes in The Flash Season 4, Episode 4, "Elongated Journey Into Night."

1. Breacher Arrives On Earth-1

Breacher angrily attacks Cisco. [Credit: The CW]
Breacher angrily attacks Cisco. [Credit: The CW]

The episode opened with a romantic moment between Cisco and Gypsy, in which S.T.A.R. Labs' favorite nerd asked his girlfriend to reveal her real name. While he didn't get lucky in that sense, it certainly looked like he was about to get lucky in another way entirely. But in a somewhat exaggerated version of every young couple's worst nightmare, Gypsy's father, Breacher, turned up in Cisco's bedroom.

The angry bounty hunter immediately launched an attack on Cisco, using his ability to fire charges at his target while he stalked Cisco around the room. While Gypsy managed to break up the assault, it would only prolong the hunt as Breacher would spend the remainder of the episode hunting the man he didn't believe was worthy of his daughter's affections.

2. Ralph's Limbs Stretch

Elongated Man is born. [Credit: The CW]
Elongated Man is born. [Credit: The CW]

It didn't take long before the episode introduced us to Ralph Dibny. The former dirty cop-turned-private-investigator had a history with Barry Allen and refused to cooperate with him and Joe in the metahuman bus investigation. However, soon afterwards, when he was threatened by hitmen (and hung upside down on a roof), his limbs suddenly began to stretch a lot more than humanly possible.

Barry and Joe took him to S.T.A.R. Labs to analyze him and discovered that his presence on the bus which encountered dark matter had resulted in his cells elasticizing. As Caitlin tried to take a sample of his blood, his arm stretched out onto the floor. The sudden stretch made her jump, and accidentally spray a powder into his face. One sneeze later and his face drooped into his hands. And in that moment it was clear: Elongated Man had arrived on The Flash.

3. Barry Reveals The History Between Him And Ralph

Barry and Iris survive the attack on Ralph's apartment. [Credit: The CW]
Barry and Iris survive the attack on Ralph's apartment. [Credit: The CW]

From the moment Barry mentioned his name, it was clear that there was history between him and Dibny. While he didn't reveal it at first, he eventually opened up to Iris about it while they searched his apartment. He recalled that Dibny planted false evidence in order to arrest a murder suspect and close the case. But it was Barry who figured out that the evidence didn't match the case and thus, was responsible for Ralph's departure from the CCPD.

Given that the history between the two had been alluded to pretty well, this was actually a nice moment between Iris and Barry that fooled us into thinking we knew everything. However, it turned out that we only knew Barry's version of events, as it was eventually revealed that Dibny may have planted the evidence for all the right reasons.

The moment ended in explosive Flash fashion when Iris discovered a bomb in the apartment, before Barry used his super-speed to phase them out of the building just in time.

4. The Mayor's Police Detail Tries To Kill Barry And Joe

Police officers try to kill Barry and Joe. [Credit: The CW]
Police officers try to kill Barry and Joe. [Credit: The CW]

After discovering that Dibny was blackmailing Mayor Bellows, Barry and Joe informed the mayor (and former police officer) that they would take care of the problem. However, upon finding out that Dibny was alive, Bellows instructed his own police detail to find him and kill him, as well Joe and Barry.

The two officers showed up at Barry's apartment while Joe was there and attempted to shoot them. But thankfully, Barry was able to react at the speed of light and save the day. In one of the show's many impressive slow-motion moments, the Flash grabbed the bullets in mid-air and physically manipulated the officers into knocking each other out.

It was here that Team Flash figured out that the true villain of this story was actually Mayor Bellows.

5. Elongated Man Helps The Flash Save Joe

The Flash races up Ralph's outstretched arm. [Credit: The CW]
The Flash races up Ralph's outstretched arm. [Credit: The CW]

All of the action from this week's episode came to a head in one of the most jam-packed climaxes in the show's history. Not only did Cisco stand up to Breacher and ultimately earn his respect, Barry finally confronted his feelings towards Ralph and let go of his pride to save Joe.

As the Mayor held Joe at gunpoint in a helicopter, all the Flash could do was watch. But in order to save the detective, Barry revealed his true identity to Ralph and asked him for help. The Elongated Man also swallowed his pride and outstretched his arm as far as he could, grabbing the helicopter. The Scarlet Speedster then ran up Dibny's arm and straight into the helicopter as he disarmed the gun-wielding Mayor.

This moment allowed Barry to confront the hatred that had been eating him up throughout the episode and overcome his history with Ralph. Furthermore, it also allowed Cisco to overcome his fear of Gypsy's father and provided Joe with the perfect platform to reveal that Cecile is pregnant (something that he kept avoiding). Moreover, it was also an awe-inspiring sight to see the Flash and Elongated Man work together.

6. Barry Discovers That DeVoe Has Arrived

Barry recognises the name "DeVoe". [Credit: The CW]
Barry recognises the name "DeVoe". [Credit: The CW]

After weeks of unusually linked happenings, last week's episode saw Harry Wells suggest that there was a higher power orchestrating the events that were taking place in Central City. While we know that The Thinker has been pulling the strings, Team Flash were completely oblivious — until now.

As Barry offered Ralph the chance to redeem himself and become a member of Team Flash, the two ended up discussing how he originally got caught up in the mayor's life. Dibny revealed that a mysterious client asked him to follow the mayor, claiming that he only knew his last name — DeVoe.

Upon hearing the name, Barry's face dropped and he recalled how Abra Kedabra and Savitar (both of whom are from the future) spoke of The Flash's legendary battles with DeVoe. With Barry now aware of The Thinker's presence in Central City, it will be interesting to see how long it takes before the two forces collide.

But whatever happens, it appears that Barry will have Elongated Man by his side, as Dibny accepted the offer to join Team Flash.

This week's episode of The Flash certainly gave us all a lot to think about. Despite introducing us to Elongated Man and Breacher, it still managed to make time for the season's biggest storyline — the introduction of Big Bad, Clifford "The Thinker" DeVoe.

With countless shocking moments and some impressive character development, it's clear to see that the series is still very much on a roll. So, let's hope that the fun continues for a very long time to come.

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